Claire's Mood - daring/innocent

I have longer nails than usually at the moment, so the question as to what polish to put on really wasn't hard. Moods! This is daring/innocent. A really icky yuckie colour if you ask me :/

Three coats, no TC. It dried super fast!

Franken win:)

I seem to go MIA a lot these days, sorry:)

Now, I make quite a lot of frankens, but I rarely like them enough to post them here. This one is one of the good ones:) It's a really dusty, almost grey green with silver shimmer and a flakie here and there. I only wish there were more flakes, but that can be fixed:)

I know I used Essence's Glisten Up! as a base, and added a green creme and a yellow creme, then something and something and Hidden Treasure, then some BarryM Dazzle Dust eyeshadow in Grey, and probably something else as well. Overall, I love it!

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