Going... part 2.

... and I'm off again. I'll be back somewhere around the 8th of August. See you then!

Swap package arrived today!

I was having a really crappy day up to now. But I got home and a lovely package was sitting in front of my door and calling me:) It was my swap package from the super lovely 'chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake! Aussie polishes!

Here's my loot:

Love the candy:)

I got two fauxnad plates! And an ointment that you can put on anything apparently. I tried it on my lips as they were chapped and it feels very nice, so I'll definetly try it on other parts of my super dry skin too.

I got a bunch of Ulta3 polishes! These are, from left to right:
Watermelon, Passion Purple, Hollywood, Spring Fling, Waterlily and English Rose (like you couldn't read that yourself.. :) )

BYS! Left to right:
Silver Moon, Plum Delight, Mauve-it On Up, Silver Black and yes, you see right, a CRACKED in Black!

And last, but not least - TBN and Mode. Left to right:
Raspberries&Cream, Gilt and Party Girl!

Now i'm happy:)

Franken upgrade with s-he 378

I just came home from the drugtore. I'm being dragged off again, this time onto a bigger island, so hopefully no panic attacks for me this time:(

Anyway, I needed supplies, and of course I made a stop at the polish displays:)I saw a s-he polish I hadn't seen before, and the little thing just jumped into my shopping basket:)

I didn't want to remove my franken, so I just did an accent nail with my new s-he polish. It's 4 coats on the pics, but it dried really fast and didn't bubble, so I sort of forgive it the amout of coats. See for yourself, it's the perfect summer colour in my book!

Franken Loooove

I got this franken like a half an hour ago in the mail. A super nice, hardcore girl from Ars sent it to me. I'm just saying I immediately had to put it on. That just about tells it all.

Giveaway Winner!!

Wow, I had 82 entries total! I'm amazed!

The little organizer in me bugged me to keep track of entries every day, so now I can post the winner like half an hous after the giveaway ended.

Admit it, you don't really want to read my ramblings do you? You just wanna know if you won? Ok ok.. This time I let random.org choose a number. And it was.... tarara... number 66!

And the winner is... Tiana!

I'm emailing you as soon as I post this.

Congrats again, and thanks to all you ladies who entered! I love you all.

Water marble for PHD

I did this water marble for Polish Hoarder Disorder's challenge for this week. I used Catrice's London Weather Forecast as the base, and then Essence's White tip painter, Pure Ice's Hot Tamale and a unnamed black Joy for marbling. I really liked it, but was too lazy to make it into a full mani, because I didn't have the patience to do the other hand too :)

Reminder! Only nine hours left to enter my giveaway! :)

Essence - Pink Punk & VLN glitter

This mani I did yesterday, don't know why. I hated it, so it only lasted for like an hour, and then I started to scratch the glitter off because I was nervous, and then it was a complete fail:)

I used Essence's Pink Punk from the Glam Rock TE. It's a holo, but it's muted in the pics because I had to use a TC over it because of the glitter. The glitter is from the Viva La Nails sample pack.

Does it happen to you too that you want to paint your nails, but can't decide on the colour, and then just paint it with a random polish and then hate it? I must have tried like five polishes yesterday, and got fed up with each in like an hour. It seems that I have more incentive to paint my nails nice when I go out of the house. Seems sort of vain to paint my nails just for myself. And since I've been staying in lately, I have no reason to paint my nails, so then I just do random manis. Ah, the troubles of life... Have to get out, have to see other people!
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