Wet'N'Wild - Night Prowl

Now, this is everything I wanted Essence's Undead?! would be, but wasn't. It's a great black polish with square violet glitter that is dense and really shows on the nails too. And there was actually some sunshine today, so sunny pics! Isn't it funny how it's sooo much easier to take good pics when it's sunny?

Giveaway time:) - CLOSED

I think it's time for a new giveaway, don't you? :))

The general consensus seems to be that a giveaway of slightly used polishes is OK, so here goes. These are polishes I have dupes for in my collection, therefore are really not that much used, mostly just for one mani or even just for a swatch. Since I'm never going to use them again, isn't it better to give them away? :)

First, a really crappy pic:

The polishes are:

Joy - 383 (dark green with shimmer)
Essence - Spicy (dark brown with shimmer)
Essence - purple magic tip painter
S-he - 402 (neonish orange)
Joy - 322 (light "shrek" green)
S-he - 205 (very light green with tiny glassy shimmer)
CCUK - Sandstone (skin toned beige with gold shimmer)
Essence - Lilac forever (lilac)
Essence - What do U think (coral, without shimmer)
Vollare - 117 (white nail art polish)
Essence - Hot stuff (dark magenta)

That's it for now, but I will be adding polishes as I go through my stash:)

The rules:

Open internationally.
You have to be a follower to enter. Follow publicly, so I can verify it.
Leave a comment on this post with details of how you follow and how I can contact you.
Giveaway closes on October 29, at midnight CET.
Winner will be chosen by something random, I don't know what yet. I will send her (him?) an email and if I don't get a response in 48 hours I will choose another winner.
Again: these polishes are not new, they have been used! They are in great condition though.

Good luck to all!

Studio M - Slamming Red

I was feeling like putting something seriously blingy on today, and remembered this one. I got it in a swap with Karen, and I screamed with joy when I saw it:) When I started applying it, it was really thick and goopy and a mess, so I put thinner in. And more thinner, and more... Until I ran out of space in the bottle. It still needs thinning, but I put it on anyway. A little effort and ta-da!. But it dries weird, all bumpy and sort of matte.

With two coats of a random TC, the glittery goodnes comes out:) It's still bumpy, but nothing I can't live with in the name of love for nail polish:))

Orly - Space Cadet

OH MAN!! When I put it on, I thought.. Meh, can't see what all the fuss is about. But the next morning when I saw it in decent lighting... WOW!! Karen, tons of thanks to you for this one!

It did take four coats though.. The green base kept showing and the VNL.. I could have stopped at three.
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