Slovenia nails

I made this manicure for the Polish Hoarder Disorder's Patriotic challenge. I don't think I would go out wearing this, but I quite like it anyhow.

I used H&M's Pure White from the mini set of polishes, the blue one is Essence's Bonnie from Nail art twins, and the red one is Rouge Casino by Bourjois. The silver stripes are made with Essence nail art painter in Silver surfer, and the stars are from a polish I bought in a chinese store and is a nightmare to apply, but I love the stars so I just pick them out :)

A franken by Tassa

Tassa sent me this franken a while ago. I can't remember why, but I must have done something really nice cause this polish is pretty perfect :) It's a deep lavender purple with shimmer that's slightly holo. I later added some konad, the print is made using H&M's Pure White from the mini set of polishes.

Milani 3D - HD

Yesterday I wore Milani's HD from the 3D holographic line. I really like it:) It took four coats though, so the next time I wear it I'll put it over a grey or silver base. It dried ok, but the wear was not great... The pics were taken after about 12 hours of wear, and you can see the tips are worn. But I confess, I skipped the top coat because of the konad. I did the bow using konad black polish and I didn't want to ruin it with a top coat:)

And the pics:

Hidden treasure over greys

Please, no comments regarding my lazyness:)

Grey polishes (well, grey, silver, yellow... whatever:))

From left to right:

Essence - Romeo (Nail art twins LE)
s-he - 466
Claire's Mood - daring/innocent (yes, it's grey in the bottle. and yellow on the nails)
Sally Hansen - Wet Cement

And pics with HT over them:

I won't do any more swatches today, I promise. But tomorrow is another day:) So please let me know if there are any polishes you would like to see HT swatched over!

Hidden Treasure over pinks

I really needed a break (again) *sigh*

So, I swatched HT over pinks. I'm really not into pinks, but I managed to find four different ones. Still not liking them:)

Pinks without HT:

From left to right:

Essence - Mr.Big (Nail art twins)
Essence - Hot Stuff
Essence - Think Pink (Crazy about colour LE)
Claire's Mood - fabulous/funky

And with HT:

Hidden Treasure over greens

If you're fed up with pics of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, please feel free to skip this post :)

A few of you, my super lovely followers, asked for some pics of HT over different polishes. Today I have a "stay-at-home-and-work-like-an-idiot-in-front-of-the-computer" day, so I decided to take regular breaks and do swatches in between work:)

First, I picked up some green from my collection. The polishes alone:

From left to right:
Essence - All access
Essence - Crazy me (Crazy about colour LE)
H&M - Green (from the mini 4-pack)
Catrice - Sold out forever

And then I layered one coat of HT over them. I was surprised at how I didn't like the effect that much - I was sure I'd love it. The only combo I'd consider wearing is the one with All access.

Sun pic:

Shade pic:

Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz

Another one of those love/hate relationships... I got this in a swap with Glamorous Geek Chic. I loooove the colour. Just look at the loveliness in the bottle:

But then, it smells. Really smells, just like the Wet Cement one. And I applied four coats and you can still clearly see my nail line. Next time I'll layer it over some purple, maybe it'll be better. Because the colour is really to die for! Not to mention the flakie glittery bits... Yes, I really need to layer it!

Sally Hansen Wet Cement

Another polish I got in a swap :) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 37 - Wet Cement.

It's a perfect grey, in any lighting, it doesn't show any undertones of other colours. The brush is flattened, long and soft, application is surprisingly easy. It took two coats and dried fast enough. The only complaint I have is the smell... Ugh:( Do all of these smell as bad as mine? Sort of like wet cement really:) I wore it for roughly three days, and was surprised. I usually get chips by the second day, no matter what the polish, but this one was perfect when I removed it, so kudos for that.

In the sun:

With flash:

Bling bling challenge

I was downloading pics from my camera just now and I found pictures of a mani I did for the Polish Hoarder Disorder's Bling Bling challenge from last week. I had fun doing it, but I completely forgot to send it in! That just shows how hectic my days have been for the last couple of weeks. And to top it of, I'm ill. I have a fever and everything. It's 30 degrees outside and I'm cold! I feel stupid:)

I used Essence Lilac forever for the base, Silver surfer for the lines, and every possible blingy polish I own for the "nail art".

Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure

Yes yes, I know you've all heard lots and lots about this polish, seen millions of pics and are fed up. But hey, give me a break:) It's my first Sally Hansen and it's my first real flakie, so please. I have to do a post about it:)

I got this from a swap I recently did with Glamorous Geek Chic. I also got some other great polishes, but I didn't have time to swatch them, so you'll see them as I wear them.

Anyway, back to this polish. It doesn't need introduction. But I will write this - I looooooooooove it:) I read quite a lot of reviews of the brush - I have to say I'm on the side that loves it. It's big, it's flat, it's hard... What's there not to like:)

And, moving on to the pics. I'm glad we're getting a lot of sunshine, so the pics are accurate:) The base polish is yesterday's mani, s-he 468.

First, the bottle:

And pics in the sun. When the sun touches this polish, it mostly flashes green and gold.

In the shade it flashes mostly coppery gold with hints of green:

And with flash:

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