Claire's Mood - happy/earthy

I really love the idea of Mood polishes, but they just don't seem to love me back. I almost begged this one to treat me nice, but it didn't. Darn.

I think this is five or six coats, I have no idea what happened. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to even out. And then I tried thinning it, and I thinned it too much, and it became runny, and now it was blah. I've unthinned it sice, by opening the bottle for about half an hour and mixing it a lot. Now the formula is sort of ok.

Anyway, a pic in the sun and two pics with flash. Yes, it's that neon:)

S-he - 437

Now beware, this is Christmas in a bottle :))

Two coats of loveliness, dark red base with red and gold shimmer. Love. Will wear during the holidays.

I can't wait till it's the end of December, the Christmas decorations all around me, the smell of cinnamon and spruces... Ah, memories. I just know I'll be stuck at home or at college and not be able to enjoy the holidays. Yuck.

Essence Metalics

They're finally here! another novelty I had to have, of course. I jumped with joy today as I saw the stand:)

I guess you've all heard about magnetic nail polishes - they have small metal particles in them, and you apply them and put a magnet next to your nails. And tatatara, a nice pattern appears:)

I just had to swatch these as soon as I got home. They're rushed swatches, but what the hell, they'll give you an idea of what I'm talking about anyway.

These are, from left to right: Steel Me, Iron Goddess, Nothing else Metals and Copper Rulez. There is a fifth polish in this LE, but I wasn't interested in it because it's not magnetic:) I used the Essence magnet that comes in the LE for the first three nails, and I like the pattern a lot! And on my pinky I used a kitchen magnet. FAIL!

And a couple of advices:
* if you use the Essence magnet, paint one nail at a time. Be ready - you'll have to work fast as lightning. Put one thick coat of polish on your nail and immediately put the magnet next to your nail, just milimetres away. Hold as still as possible for 20-30 seconds, and there you have it:)
* shake the bottle before you use it! And i don't mean roll it in your hands, I mean vigorously shake it. A lot, and often.
* of course you can use other brands of magnets for polish - I know Alessandro and L'Oreal did something alike.
*if you're going to use kitchen magnets, expect some trial and error. You'll have to see for yourself which magnets work best. I do believe you can make some great designs with those too, but I still suggest buying the Essence one too (unless you have the Alessandro one, that one is supposed to be much better).
* be patient, and don't give up!
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