Essence - Fivepocket Grey

Another one from Essence's TE Denim Wanted! I'm pretty sure I have a dupe or two of this in my smallish stash. Will look sometime. Overall it's a great colour, two coats.

Essence - My Boyfriend's Jeans

I've been feelin totally crappy these days, that's why you didn't get these swatches on sooner, and that's why you get no blabbering today.

This polish is from the new Essence TE Denim Wanted!, it's a dark creme blue, really a must have. Two coats:)

Oriflame - Bahia Pink

Now, I don't like this polish. But it was the first one I bought that was of a little more daring colour. Yes, I mean not pastel pink or nude or sheer. It's shimemry and redish pink. I loved it back in the days, today - not so much. But I seriously had to share this nostalgic moment with you guys:)

Three coats, still a lot of VNL.

I'm uploading pics of swatches from the new Essence collections as I'm writing this, so that's what you can expect next:)

Claire's Mood - funky/fabulous

I hate this polish! You know that I rarely say the h word about a polish, almost every polish deserves some love. Well, this one doesn't. The colour in itself is ok, neonish pink. I could live with that, if it was truly a colour changing polish. Well, it isn't. Damn. Part of the problem is surely that the two colours are very similar, but I still don't think that it changes like it should. Damn again. Application wise it was ok - two coats and no TC, because I kind of liked the satin finish it has.

L.A. Colors Intense - Green

This one is one of the four minis in the L.A Colors pack from the Intense collection. The pack this one's from is named High Voltage, and the polish itself doesn't have a name. So I named it Green. Whan an imagination I have, huh? :)

This was four coats and still sheer as hell. Really don't like this aspect, but the colour is fantastic! It has a yellow and green shimmer to it, and the sunlight makes it even sparklier!

Essence - So Glamourous

I have had this one for a really long time, it was one of my first polishes when I started my obsession :) I still like it - it's a deep red with red shimmer that spices it up just a little bit. Two coats, like almost all Colour&Go polishes.

And on another note: I have to mention another nail polish blogger which I totally admire, especially now. She decided to follow her dreams and is starting her own nail polish company. You've probably heard about her - I'm talking about Maria from R3 Daily. Her line will be called Cult Nails. So Maria, kudos to you!

BYS - Plum Delight

This is a sort of average colour for me. It does stand out from the usual frosty purples because of it's multicolor glittery bits, but all in all, it's sort of average. Will wear it for more formal occasions though. Three coats to full coverage.

CCUK - Apricot Sun

Huh, I'm finally back. I had a crazy couple of days... During the weekend I was in Bohinj (really a must if you're ever in Slovenia!), because a couple of my friends attended a triathlon and a bunch of us went with them for support. Then on Moday I had my diploma thesis defence, and I passed with flying colours! Yay for me:)

Then, when I was relaxing, my parents came to tell me my darling three legged cat passed away, so the day ended in tears:( I take comfort in knowing he passed away from a stroke, quickly and peacefuly. I'm already planning on becoming a temporary custodian for cats from a local animal shelter, housing them until they find a new owner. I figured I love animals, that's the best way to help lots of them.

Anyway, enough about my life, let's get back to nails:) I have a bunch of swatches to show you. First up is CCUK - Apricot Sun. This is three coats, and a really stunning colour. An orange base with gold shimmer that makes the colour really pop! Love it!

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