H&M Sinful Senorita with Jessica No Shine TC

I already showed you H&M's Sinful Senorita here, but yesterday I tried it with Jessica's No Shine TC. Yes, I know, it's still pink, but I needed something more socially acceptable for a lunch I went to:)

Here are the pics:

I really like it, in fact I like it better matte than shiny, even though it's a holo when it's shiny. Weird huh? :)

I also tried konading over it with a clear TC to make a shiny konading, but it wasn't as seeable (is that even a word?) as I would have liked. It's supposed to be a four leaf clover btw.

My firsts :)

As most of you know by now, I only buy low-end polishes and I don't order online. Why? I keep telling myself it's a way to keep myself from spending too much. Still don't know if it works though :) Consequently, my stash is limited to brands you can get in Slovenia, at least most of it. But yesterday, an amazing opportunity showed itself to me! nihrida, I'm sure you've all heard of her, was willing to sell me some of her polishes, so I jumped up and down with excitement! Unfortunately I only had time to do a quick skittles style swatch today. But I'm taking votes on which to do a full mani with tomorrow!

Anyway, all of these are my firsts. My first Misa, my first China Glaze, my first OPI (well, sort of OPI) and my first Color Club. Yay me!

China Glaze - Cowardly Lyin'

Color Club - Ultra Violet

Nicole by OPI - Leaf Me Alone

Misa - Fatal Affair

Pure Ice - Hot tamale

I haven't got many untrieds, about 5 at any time. I felt like experimenting today, so I pulled out one of them - a shiny orange one. Hot tamale applied like a dream! I was really surprised, the formula is great and it also dries quickly. I applied three coats.

Pic in sun:

In shade:

I didn't like the colour at all:( I tried it with a matte top coat - a little better, but I still don't like it.

Luckily, the postman just brought a package, filled with a bunch of my firsts - a post on them will be posted today! :)

Essence - Deep Blue Sea

I did a comparison including this one last week, and many of you loved it. So you inspired my polish choice for yesterday :) I wore Essence's Deep Blue Sea - it's from the Show You Feet line. Like all polishes from this line, the application was easy, it took two coats and dried fast. As you'll see in the pics, it's a must have. And yes, they don't sell it anymore:(

Pic in shade:

Pics in sun:

EOTD two times

I know you're not used to seeing my eyes - I actually think I haven't posted any EOTD pics at all. So, here goes: my eyes :)

For the first one I used Barry M Dazzle Dust in Silvery black, Old gold and Grey. I also used Maybelline's Falsies mascara.

For this one I used Barry M Dazzle Dust in Lime, Yellow and Khaki. and again, Maybelline's Falsies.

I really like Barry M's eyeshadows, they're super pigmented and they apply nicely. I used S-he All in one jumbo pencil for base in both looks.

Maybelline - Electric Blue and Essence - Deep Blue Sea

First, sorry for my absence for a couple of days - I finally got to take a short vacation:)

I already wrote about my shopping fail - I wanted to buy a navy blue creme and bought a shimmer because I didn't pay enough attention and was in a hurry. I was afraid Maybelline mini Clolorama - Electric Blue was really close to an Essence polish I already owned - Deep Blue Sea, which is also a dark shimmery blue polish. So I did a comparison:) They actually aren't as close as I expected - Deep Blue Sea is a lot darker, but both are absolutely gorgeous! I had no problems with application with either one, both are two coats.

All pictures are under artificial light.

Here are the polishes on nails - the darker one is Essence and the lighter one Maybelline.

Maybelline mini Colorama - Electric Blue

Essence Show Your Feet - Deep Blue Sea (I think they don't sell this one anymore)

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