Hey all of you lovely readers:) It's turning out to be a great day here, there's actually some sunshine and it's supposed to be quite warm during the day, so yay! I just wish I had chestnuts to roast...

Anyway, I have a wish/request/proposal/idea/whatever. I've been seeing lots and lots of magnificent Halloween themed polishes from the USA on blogs lately, and I have huge lemmings now! So I'm wondering - would any of you super pretty and lovely ladies from the USA be interested in a swap? I think I *need* some coffin shaped polishes and some pumpkins, or I'll just die :))

Please email me or leave a comment if you're up for it!

Giveaway winner!

I'm really happy with the amount of entries, I never thought so many of you would be interested in my used polishes :)

And since I was good and sorted through the entries as they came, I can announce the winner 10 minutes after the giveaway is closed:))

I let The Hat choose a winner, and it chose...

You nailed it! (no, not an exclamation, the owner of You nailed it! blog won:)

Congrats, I'm going to contact you as soon as I finish this post!

And as for all of you other gals who entered, don't be sad you didn't win. I have plenty more where this came from:)

Wet'N'Wild - Buffy the Violet Slayer

Seriously, I love this name. I never watched the Buffy TV show, I guess I'm too old or something. But this name made me laugh, and that's all that counts. I wore this to my second thesis defense, and I rocked it - and I smiled every time I remembered I have a slayer on my nails. Yeah, I'm weird like that sometimes:))

Three coats. See the purple and pink shimmer?

Models Own - Emerald City

I was sure I'd love this one. But guess what? I don't. And I have no idea why:)

This is three coats, one of the fingers is with Matte Magic TC to see if I like it better matte. I do, but still not enough to hold on to it. This polish already found a new owner, hope she likes it better than me:)

I have to tell you, these pics are slightly edited, to get the green to show. My pics were too blue, and I tried to correct that. Will need some more practice though :)

Essence - Sun Downer

It's been really hectic around me lately... Nothing seems to be going as I planned:( I wanted a bright colour to counter my mood, so I chose this one. I don't think I ever wore it before. It's from a trend edition that was released in the start of summer if I remember correctly, Return to Paradise. A vibrant orange with hints of gold shimmer, two coats, no TC.

OPI - My Private Jet

On the lottery that is buying MPJ, I got the brown version with slight holo effect:) It's stunning anyway, I love the colour and looove the application. Two coats, and they dried super fast even without TC.

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