Catrice Nougat praline

I have another bunch of Catrice polishes from the 60 seconds Nail couture line. It's just my luck that they've discontinued the line when I fell in love with it... But anyway, my mini haul was sent to my by the super-nice Mamy of Parokeets.

Today I'm wearing Nougat Praline. It's one of those polishes that are subtle, but in a way also great. A lovely nougaty-pinky colour with teeny tiny golden shimmer. I also love the application. Two coats, great consistency, even greater brush. Love it, and I totally recommend you grab any polish from this line if you have the luck to see them somwhere, because I haven't found a single one that dissapointed me so far.


Again, no sunny pics, but I managed to get one sort of ok pic in natural light:

Flash picture (see the gold shimmer in the bottle?):

And macro under artificial light:

Essence Bonnie

I wanted a screaming colour today. I chose Essence's Bonnie from Nail Art Twins. You probably already read the preise on other blogs, but I have to add a little something of my own. It's a little goopy, but the application is effortless nevertheless. It took two coats to be perfect. And as for the colour - you decide for yourself. I looove it :))

Picture in the... wait for it.... yes, in the SUN! Finally sunshine!!

Picture in the shade:

Picture with flash:

And some bonus pics, cause I played with my camera a little today:

Change of name

Just so you won't be confused - as a part of my day off I finally decided to change my google nickname to *Fleur* (it used to be lumpika007). It's the name I use everywhere now, and lumpika007 was a thing from the past I never changed.

So, you can call me *Fleur* now:))

Bling bling wallet

Yes, I'm just going crazy with posts today:) I had a really hard exam today, and I decided to take the rest of the day off :) One of the things that caught my attention was my boring wallet. What to do with a wallet that is great, but really boring? Of course, apply glittery things. I used my glittery nail polishes, and even found one I forgot I bought in a Chinese shop once - the blue one.

I used:
Essence Nail art twins glitter toppers in Juliet, Clyde, Louise, Victory;
Essence Glisten Up!;
Two random polishes from a Chinese shop - the really heavy pink glitter one and the blue glitter one.

And tararara: I present to you my bling blingy wallet:

Do you like it? I'm not usually the tipe to love bling and glitter, but hey, a girl has to have something shiny in her purse, right? :)

I won I won I won:))

I never win anything. I think the last time I won anything was a couple of years ago when I played Slovenian Lotto and I got like 2€:)But, last week all that changed. I won Helena/Parisky's giveaway! Below are the pictures of all the great stuff I got. Don't you just love the moose? :) Oh, and I mustn't forget to mention - the earring are handmade by Helena!

Great stuff! I'll definetly be swatching the polishes when I find the time, I wore the earrings today, the candy's almost gone.. Thanks Helena/Parisky, you made my day like Christmas :)

H&M Sinful Senorita

So, my NOTD is Sinful Senorita from H&M. Sadly, I can't buy these polishes in Slovenia, so many thanks to a nice online friend;)

The polish is great, application is easy, and it only needed ONE coat!! And its a holo, and sometimes a blue shimmer breaks out. It's not really in my favourite colour range, but this one I love:)

And another good news: I finally got to take some pictures in daylight:) It's not exactly sunshine, but it's the nearest we got in a few days, so yay for that too:)

The pictures:

Natural light:


And an upgrade: dots with Essence Crazy me (Crazy about colour TE) and Princesses rule, and the line with Essence Silver surfer. I don't really like this mani, but I was studying so hard today I had to take a break, and what better break than to do some nail art:)

Glistened Chocolate Shake

I started my mani today with Essence's Chocolate Shake from the Creamylicious TE. And then I looked at my nails and decided they need an upgrade :) So I tried out A new Essence polish Glisten Up! from their Colour&Go colection. I was sort of afraid that the colours would clash, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the result.

First: Chocolate Shake:

And then: Glisten Up! over Chocolate Shake

I love this polish. It's got silver glitter particles, tiny green glitter, greenish flakies.. And it dries super quickly. Gotta love it:)

I hate that I've been posting only pictures, taken with flash. But the weather is soooo depressing, I haven't seen sunshine in a while:( It must be all the volcanic ash:))


Imam eno vprašanje - opažam, da veliko slovenskih in tudi tujih bloggerk svoj blog piše samo v angleškem jeziku, ne pa tudi v svojem maternem. Tudi sama sem razmišljala o tem, saj mi dvojno pisanje nekako ne "potegne", pa verjetno škoduje tudi preglednosti objav. Kaj mislite - pisati v dveh jezikih ali lahko samo v angleščini?

I have a question - I noticed a lot of slovenian and also international bloggers write only in English, and not in their mother language as well. I've given this some thought, and I'm thinking of doing the same. Somehow I can't get used to writing the same thing twice, and it probably doesn't do anything for the layout and ease of reading of my posts. So, what do you think? Both languages, or is English only acceptable too?
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