Franken - Sky Blue

I decided to paint my nails anyway. I tried a frankenpolish I made a while ago. I named it sky blue:) I'm actually proud of this one, it came out just as I wanted. Yay me :)

Pictures in artificial light:

Picture with flash:

French manicure fail :(

I wasn't going to publish this photo, but hey, what the hell. Maybe someone will learn a lesson :)

I used Essence's Princesses Rule as a base and stamped the tips using H&M Pure White (which is great for konad btw). I thought it would be a nice classic mani with a spin, but no - it's just weird. Lesson to be learned - if you're going to use something you can see through on your tips, use an opaque polish as a base.

I'm still deciding whether to paint my nails today or not - I shortened them down extremely, because I'm back to writing my thesis paper and I can't really type with long nails. I wonder how all of you guys do it? Any tips?

Vollare Joy 353

These Vollare polishes are like a lottery - they are sold from a big basket, which you have to go through to find colours you like. And even then you can't really be sure if the polish is ok. Sometimes they're runny, sometimes thick as gum, and sometimes they're just perfect. Same goes for colour - sometimes they only take one layer to be prefect, sometimes you need 5. I think the mystery is half the fun with these:)

Today I have one of the great ones. 353 is a deep violet colour with big shimmer in blue, silver and red, and I can't quite decide, but maybe there are some flakies or irregular shimmer. In any case, the colour is stunning. It took two coats, application was easy. One of the winner ones :)

Oh and BTW.. I have no idea what's going on with my cuticles... They're dry as pepper, and nothing seems to get them moisturized. Really, I think I'll just drowse my hands in oil and hope it helps:)

Pic in the sun:

Macro pic:

Blurred, to show of the colours:

Macro under artificial light:

H&M mini polish pack

Yay, H&M finally started selling their polishes in Slovenia :) For now, they only sell a small portion of what is available abroad, but hey, even a little is beter than nothing, right? :)

In our local H&M they only sell two different pack of minis. I had to try one out, of course:) The price is 2,95€, pretty cheap:)

There are four colours in a pack - I chose the less neon one. It contains polishes, named: Green, Purple, Blue and Pure White. Can you guess what colours they are?:)

So, the bottle pics:




Pure White:

Notice the little shimmer in Purple and Green? On the other hand, Pure White and Blue are cremes.

I had no trouble with application of any of them, all require two coats. Even the white one was easy to apply, no streak or anything. I can't really say anything about drying time and durability, because I had them on for about five minutes :)

And pics on fingers:

In the sun:

In the shade:

With flash:

Blue in the sun:

Green in the sun:

Purple in the sun:

Pure White in the sun:

I totally recommend these polishes!

Dirrrty Blue - Frankenpolish

A while ago I cleaned out my polish drawer and put aside some polishes that I'm never going to wear, but can be used for mixing my own shades of polish. And yesterday I was so worn out I couldn't do anything, but wasn't sleepy, so I decided to try my mixing capabilities. You decide on the result :)

I can't really remember what polishes I used, there were lots of them. But I'm proud of my result. I called this franken Dirrrty blue, well, because it is a kind of dirty blue shade :)

The pics:

In the sun:

In the shade:

With flash - the most colour accurate:

H&M Cha Cha

Yay, we have sunshine!!! I was outdoors the whole day yesterday, and it felt gooood. I really refilled my batteries, so today I'm all work and no play:)

I wore H&M's Cha Cha yesterday. This is another one of those polishes I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it in the sun and hate it in the shadow. Weird huh?

Unfortunately I don't have any pics in the shadow. I can just say it's sort of a boring looking colourless shimmery polish in the shadow. Sort of nude-beige shimmer. Bleh. But when it comes in contact with sunlight, it blings! It's a lovely holo polish, and the before nudy shimmer becomes a great base for the holo effect.

I guess I'm only going to wear this one on sunny days :)

It took two coats, it dries relatively quickly. Nevertheless I think I'll start saving up for a quality fast-drying coat. I've been saying that for about two months:))

And, tararara: the pics:)Not the best quality, and not all the holo that you see in RL. Can't wait to get my camera back, my compact one is a piece of s***.

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