Ulta3 - English Rose

This polish is so extraordinary that my camera just won't take decent pics of it. I tried swatching it a couple of times before, but with little success. And since it's my project to swatch and show you every polish in my collection, here goes. I chose the best of the worst. I hate how the colour is blurred. It's a vibrant red with really shiny gold shimmer. Great:)

Sinful Colors - Faded Jewel

Can anybody tell me what colour this is? It's not red, it's not pink, it's not brown, it's not beige.. Yeah, I really put some thought into this, and I can't remember a name for it... But I like the polish. And the gorgeous shimmer.. Love love love.

Essence - Check Me Out

Another total polish crush :) Two coats, fast dry, no stains!

Essence - Shocking Blue

I found this one in my usual drugstore, on sale. The poor polish was totally separated, so I felt sort of heroic when I bought it - after all, who else was going to buy it in that horrible state? :)) I gave in a good mix and shake, and out came this beauty. The colour is accurate!

China Glaze - QT

Yay, ChG!:) I got this in a mini swap:)

I was sort of dissapointed - after all the raves and great pics I was a little let down by this polish. A little too holo perhaps? Don't know. Anyway, I'll wear it again for sure:)

CCUK - Sandstone

Hm.. Can't decide if I like it or not. It's a great everyday polish, that's for sure. Two coats, cheap price - CCUK rocks:)

Eyeko - Rain Polish

... for City Nails

Of course, this one is my favourite of the four I ordered. I swatched it yesterday and I'm still wearing it, I couldn't bring myself to remove it. A perfect blue-grey with microshimmer. I'm in polish heaven. The application was nice too, two coats. I've seen many swatches, but let me tell you, it's way better in real life:)

Eyeko - Vintage Polish

... for Elegant Nails

Another love! The colour is to die for... And this isn't even my favourite of the four I ordered:))

The only problem was tha application - it was runny and streaky, so this took three quite thick coats to make me happy.

Eyeko - Indigo Polish

... for sultry nails.

This one was sort of a dissapointment for me. OK, it's gorgeous, but it's nothing special. I think I have at least two or three polishes just like it in my stash, and my stash isn't quite as big as you'd think. The only thing that sets it apart from others like it is the random purple glitter here and there, but it's not really apparent. You have to look real close to find them. Three coats.

And BTW, do any of you know why Eyeko polishes have an expiry date of only 6 months after opening?

Eyeko - Vampira Polish

... for Gothic nails!

Eyeko has been such a big lemming for me for quite some time now. A while ago I broke down and ordered four polishes. I know, shame on me.

Anyway, firt up is Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails. Loooove! A black base with really apparent red glitters that shine like hell! Two coats, I did have to use a TC though, because it seemed to dry sort of dull. Again..Looooove it!

Oh, I took pics under artificial light, because I swatched this in the evening. So that's why my skin looks like a vampire's.

Sally Hansen HD - Spectrum

I know, I know.. I start this big project and then I go MIA for two days at the very beginning. I have a good excuse though - I finally got my thesis together and I'm preparing for my defense, which is on monday. It was about time too :))

On Sunday I wore this beauty: Spectrum. I saw o other blogs it has some opacity issues, so I put it over one layer of a neutral blue polish. Then I put two layers of Spectrum, and voila! A beauty. I put a coat of SV over it. I was kinda dissapointed, as this was the first polish I experienced shrinking with when compined with SV. But I wore it anyway, it would be a sin to remove it immediately after swatching:)Oh, there was another thing. I was sort of frustrated because I couldn't see the glimpse of purple duochrome that you can see in the bottle when it was on my nails. Damn.

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