Joy - 97

This is the last one for today, I promise:)

Jelly red Joy, two coats. Didn't seem to wanna dry completely though, and had a weird wonky brush.

Essence - Sparkling Dawn

This is one of the rare pinks I actually tolerate. It's foily greatness is a bottle:)

Three coats, shines like hell:)

CCUK - Midnight Blue

I totally dissed CCUK a while ago in a post. I take everything back. I love their polishes.

Look at this one! A dark blue base with blue shimmery particles, two coats, and dried quickly. Ahhh, I was in polish heaven when I swatched this one:))

S-he - 464

Behold, a one coater. Don't really like the colour (of course), but I think if you're into purples you'd really love this.

Joy - 322

I'm just going to spam the hell out of you:) I've been swatching during every study pause, but didn't have the time to post pics, so you'll get them all now:)

Anyway. Joy polishes are always interesting. I think I've said this before, they're like a lottery. This one is a win:) Three coats and a great limey green.

Essence - Happy Holiday

This one is from the All I Want trend edition. Deep pink with blue and red tiny particles. Can't really comment on the colour, after all it's pink:)

Joy - 101

If you have sensitive eyes, look away. This one is very bright. You have been warned.

Orange neon. I never pictured myself wearing something like this. Hm, this "project" of mine might make me rethink my polish preferences:)

Since it's a neon, I put a base of a white polish on two nails, and the other two pictured are bare. Again, watch it, this really pops. For some reason, my super duper camera didn't want to catch the neon in this, it kept photographing it reddish, even though I practically begged. Then I pulled out my emergency mini camera and it did the job perfectly:) The pics are of a lesser quality, but all that matters is the neon:)

Yes, you guessed correctly. I have never worn a polish this bright before:)

Wet'N'Wild Craze - Rustic

Now that's more like it. A gorgeous reddish brown with shimmer that pops in the sun. It's gold and it's red and it's brown and it's great!

Olivia - 11

Blah. I've had this for over a year, and if it didn't have a sort of sentimental value it would be long gone. I got this as a Christmas present from the owner of a coffee shop I frequented A LOT during classes, with my colleagues of course.

Colour wise, this is everything I hate in a polish. It's sheer (5 coats!), frosty and weirdly coloured wannabe nude. Blah again.

Oh, and it smells real bad.

Essence - Thelma

My third post today, I must really be crazy:) I made a pact with myself - every two pages of my thesis and I get a swatching break. So you see, I've been good today:)

This polish isn't impressive at all, at least not to me. A dark purple creme, booooring:) I added the glitter topper TC it's supposed to be combined with on one of my fingers. I have no complaints abbout application. Just about the colour:)

Essence - In The Jungle

You have to love this colour. Even if you hate greens, you have to love this. A perfect darkened green, not neon, creme, two coats, quick dry. Nothing more to say:)

New project & Misa - Fatal Affair

I said something yesterday about a no-buy.. I'm starting today :)

I have a new "project" in mind. Since I have all these polishes I havent worn as a full mani and haven't posted on this blog, I put them all in a box. From now on, when choosing my polish, I'm gonna close my eyes and randomly pull out one of them, put it on and take pics. So, considering I'm sometimes willing to change my mani quite a few times before I like it, expect some serious spam from me:)

The first polish from this project was Misa - Fatal Affair. I love it in the bottle, on the nails - not so much. The shimmer seems to get lost on the nails, even though it does show up great in the pics. Application was actually great, two coats to perfection.

First three pics under artificial light, the last one in natural light. Damn, I got to get myself a lightbox.

Ulta3 - Hollywood

I've always been one of those polish fanatics that didn't have many untrieds. But lately, I haven't had time to change manis every day, or sometimes I even go out with unpolished nails *gasp* Since I've done three swaps, the untried list is growing and growing. I've decided tonight I'll take time and put them in a separate box and not buy a new polish until I try out all of them. I know, who am I kidding? But hey, worth a shot :)

Today, I tried out a polish from an Aussie swap. Ulta3's Hollywood. Two coats, pure perfection. The colour itself isn't that special, but I love it anyway - just because it's blue.

And then, just for fun (and because I didn't want to get back to my thesis) I tried layering. I remember I used SH's Hidden Treasure, something from W'n'W, SH's In The Spotlight and Sinful's Hottie. The rest is a blur :)


Yes, I love swaps:) I always buy dupes of stuff I like to have for swaps. I have fun while shopping for swaps. I love sending packages. I love getting them. I love swaps:)

And today, I got a package from Gwen of Lacquer Cocktail. Another box full of goodies! Can't wait to swatch them!

Thanks Gwen!
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