Essence - Black Out and Constance Carroll - Flashing Silver

Even though I drastically shortened my nails again (because I can't type with long nails...), they're still sort of yellow or greenish, because i was lazy the other day and didn't use a base coat. I know I know, should have known better... I was in a real hurry yesterday, so I had to put a polish on that was a one coater. I remembered reading about this Essence one from their new trend edition - I was lucky and Santa brought it to me:) It's a semi matte, plastic sort of finish polish.

One coat was enough for medium coverage, the sort that you can get away with, but are annoyed by the balder spots:) So when I came home, I put another coat on my pinky finger - you can see that it does look much better. I also put a matte top coat on my middle finger, to show you the difference between matte and "soft touch finish" as Essence calls it.

I've been in a shimmery/blingy phase for some time now, so of course having matte black nails is not acceptable:) I put a layer of Constance Carroll's Flashing Silver on top, and two layers on my ring finger, sort of like an accent nail. I really like this polish, it's cheap and makes any dull polish liven up just enough, so it's still wearable but blingy.

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