s-he 381

Remember my haul a few days ago? This was the polish that interested me the most. I never saw it before, and only bought it because it was on sale (silly me, I know). Well, turns out it's great! It's green, it's pastel and it's shimmery, it's two coats and dries quickly.

I googled it and didn't find a single mention of the polish, and couldn't find it on any blog or forum. Do any of you have it? I'm curious:)

Essence Eclipse TE

Yeah, I know you've seen this collection before. Many many times probably. But hey, give a girl a break :) I was so excited I got this collection I had to swatch it, so bare with me please :)

First up is Hide Bella Hide. I't my least favourite of the collection - a frosty silver. Took two coats:)I'll try it matte some day, I think it'll look better.

Next one is Ready To Be Bitten - a glassy flecky polish. The picture is four coats, I wanted to see if it could be built to full opacity. My guess is about six coats could do it. But I still love it, even though I usually have problems with VNL. And see how it shines? Even in the shade!

Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me is a typical one - Essence always has a raspberry pinkish polish in each trend edition. This one at least has some violet shimmer to make it stand out a little. It's very opaque - two coats in the picture.

Next one is like blood in a bottle! Thirsty? A gorgeous red polish, somewhat jelly-like, a must have definetly! I love it:) Took two coats.

The last one is the famous Undead? I read some of the girls had problems with application - luckly I'm not one of them:) This is two coats, and it's really a polish you'd wear if you were a vampire freak :)

The polishes are really nice, i'm gonna wear all of them again. Can't really decide which is my favourite:)

I also did quick swatches of the three lip glosses I bought. I skipped on the black one. I'm all for experimentin, but black lips? Not for me.

These are (left to right) Ready To Be Bitten?, Don't Bite Me Kiss Me, Lunch At Cullen's.

See how they all sparkle? Love them:)

Nail art supplies - Viva La Nails

Viva La Nails is giving away free sample pack of their nail art stuff for nail bloggers. And of course, as always, I signed up. Free nail stuff? Hell yea :)

I got the package super quick. They mailed it on thursday, I had it on Tuesday. And the pack was a real surprise. I expected a couple of rhinestones and a sticker or a water decal sheet, but look what I got:

Yes, that's right - a big supply of rhinestones, glitter, some crushed shells, water decals, stickers and even some pads for removing polish.

Anyway, this are the things I was most attracted to at first sight:

holo hexagonal glitter

vowen mini flowers

pink crushed shells

Don't you just love them?

I'm not really that into what I would call 3D nail art - anything sticking away from my nails is a recipe for disaster. I used some of the rhinestones and she shells anyway. Here's what I came up with:

The blue polish is Essence's The World's Coolest (from Surfer Babe TE) and the grey one is Catrice's London's Weather Forecast.

The supplies are OK to work with, I had no issues with them. But I really hated the way the pink pearls bled colour when I topped them off with a top coat.

And these are the two fingernails I really loved:)

I used holo glitter for the "line", and filled the tip with Milani 3D in HD.

For this one I used one of the water decals - I never thought it would be so easy to use! And it looks like I spent a lot of time doing my nails :)

Overall, I'm pleased with the products I got. I'd like to say that even thought I was sent this stuff for free, my review was honest and not influenced by anyone or anything.

I'm definetly going to use the stickers next to see how they work, and the holo glitter and decals rock so that's a must for me from now on too. And I have enough rhinestones for at least a year now:)

Oh, in case you were wondering why I didn't post another major haul yesterday - because I didn't have anything to post:( I scoured most of Maribor's drugstores and all
I got was one nail polish (the blue one from this post) and ArtDeco's eyeshadow base, which is impossible to get in Celje. Well, better luck to me next time :)

I rewarded myself:)

...with a haul of course:)

I'm almost finished with my studies, just have one oral exam and two diploma theses to write. So today I decided to do a quick run through drugstores in my town to see if any had anything new or anything I "need" :) I'm very pleased with the result - I got most of my "needs" and some more, and only spent about 20€. I have a nice and cheap hobby obviously:)

So, here is my haul:

From the above pic, left to right:

s-he 427 (two, because it's holo, great for frankening, cost 1,55€ and really hard to get)
Essence Undead? from Eclipse LE (a hunt has been going on for this one in Slovenia, I'm sorry girls, there was only one left on the stand in Beauty World)
Essence Thirsty! (same as above)
Essence Lunch at Cullen's lip gloss
Essence Don't Bite Me, Kiss Me lip gloss
s-he 381 (looks nice, plus it was on sale, so I had to buy it)
Essence Glisten Up! (another hard to get, ideal for frankening)
s-he magic colours lipstick in 387 (have no idea why I bought this one, other that it was on sale *I may be addicted*)
and in front Essence glitter eye pencil in Undead? from Eclipse LE

And on this pic, left to right:
Essence multiglitter tip painter in So Funky (never seen this one before, I found it in an outlet and had to have it - hey, it's holo glitter!)
Essence Meet Me At The Club from Sun Delicious TE (also in an outlet, for 1€!?! It's not even sold yet in some drugstores, and they're already selling it as an old TE in the outlet... hm..)
Catrice Poison Me, Poison You (yes, Catrice finally in Slovenia!!)
Catrice London's Weather Forecast (again, yes, Catrice in Slovenia!!)
Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero (no, not going to say yes, Catrice finally in Slovenia again :P)
Essence - Deep Blue Sea (I know I already have one of these, but I really need a backup, and again, for 1€.. didn't really think much before buying it)
And in front, Essence's nail repair pads. I'll try them next time I break a nail (hopefully not for a long time;)

And that's it for today:) I'm going to Maribor tomorrow, so expect another haul post then :)

Milani 3D - HD over SH- Wet Cement with some matte TC

Huh, a long title :)

I wanted something shiny, so I put on Milani 3D - HD. I remembered from last time that it needs quite a few coats to be opaque, so I put one thicker layer of Sally Hansen - Wet Cement underneath. I put two coats of the Milani over. Then I figured I might as well play around a little, so I used the Jessica No Shine TC on a portion of my finger, and lined it with Essence's Nail art painter in metallics4ever.

As you can see, HD has bigger holo glitter than "usual" silver holos, so it gives a slightly different holo effect. And when mattified it's a perfect gray with silver specks.

I'm not yet decided if I like it:) The purple is a little too much if you ask me, but it's still sort of ok.

Essence - Date me! and a Hello Kitty mani

The insipiration for this mani was again a weekly challenge by Polish Hoarder Disorder. The challenge was to do a manicure, inspired by a book cover. Any book cover :) Since I'm mostly surrounded by study and work related book these days, I decided not to enter the challenge this week. But then I had a recipe I wanted to write down in my recipe book, and was immediately turned - I did a manicure with purple, flowers and Hello Kitty. You can see the cover of the book in the pic below, along with the things I used for the mani.

And here's the base polish - Essence's Date me! from the Cute as hell line. It took three coats to be opaque and not streaky, but the colour is worth a little extra hassle :)

I wanted to recreate the flowers on the cover, so I stamped them using two plates from Essence and used a Fauxnad plate for the Hello Kitty image (thanks nihrida!)I used Essence's Joe and Go wild for the flowers, combined with H&M's Pure white. Kitty is stamped with Konad Black polish.

Enough with the chattering - here is the final mani:

You can see all the other fabulour entries here.

And on another note - I absolutely hate myself for not posting the blog awards you guys have given me in the past weeks. I just can't seem to find the time. I'm really ashamed - I hope you know I'm really flattered by the awards!
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