s-he 468

I didn't expect much from this polish, mostly because of the dissapointment with the green one a few days ago :) I don't really remember when I bought this one, but I'm quite sure I've never worn it before. I was looking for a dark red polish in my stash, and came up with this one. I have to say, I love it! It took two coats, but one would probably be enough if it was slightly thicker and if you're a patient person. It dried in like 5 minutes, I was stunned:) And the colour is great!

Pic in the sun:

Macro in the sun:

In the shade:

With flash:

Don't you just love it? I do:)

Inside my purse:)

I'm a one purse gal, I always have been. Lately, due to much running around in different outfits, I had to start combining two purses. Mostly beacause one is too colourful to go with "serious outfits" - it's Desigual:

Picture source

The other one is a plain black leather one. And, because I'm not always in the mood to put everything from one to another, I started stashing stuff in both of them. Yesterday I decided it was time to clean up, because I lost my keys and couldn't find them in any purse. So, I threw everything I had in them on the floor. Here's what came out:

Yes, that's something isn't it?

And the pic after some sorting and throwing away:

I found some long lost lipglosses, a bunch of hair stuff, lighters... So ladies, this is sort of an educational post. The lesson to be learned is: If you can't find something, it's probably hiding somewhere in your purse. Or, better yet: Clean out your purse regularly!

Oh and yes, I did find my keys;)

Essence Rock it baby! and s-he 455

Yesterday I had Essence Rock it Baby! on. It's from the Colour&Go line. I love the brush of these bottles! The consistency was sort of goopy, but it still applied nicely and needed two coats.

This is the most colour accurate pic I could take... It's a mix of artificial lighting and flash.

And then, I went to a local DM drugstore and saw a beauty just sitting there, waiting for me. S-he 455 - a clear base with large holo glitter. I love it! But it does take some time to dry. But hey, it's only 1,55€, so I don't expect miracles:)I put it over the essence one, and loved it! And I was surprised because removal was really not so hard, almost like I only had Rock it Baby! on without the glitter topper. I would definetly say the s-he is a good buy!

TAG: 7 random facts about me

Helena (XOXO Parisky) tagged me to do this, so here goes:)

The rules:

Link to your tagger and list the rules

List 7 random facts about yourself

Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say!)

If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

And, my seven facts:

1. I like shopping, but only in drugstores and supermarkets. I despise clothing and shoe stores.

2. I co-own two dogs, three cats, two guinea pigs, a bird... It's like a ZOO sometimes:)

3. I go awwwwwwwwwwwww everytime a see a cute animal pic.

4. I'm hard working on the outside, but inside I'm really lazy:)

5. I hate sitting with both feet on the ground. At least one has to be on the chair.

6. I can get really pissed off by the smallest thing, and be totally cool when my world is falling apart.

7. I'm hungry:))

So, there you go. Something new about me:)

And now I tag:

With love, Ana
Amaranth Makeup
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Inside of my Purse

s-he 469

I really have no idea why I bought this one:) It's probably because I can't go into a drugstore and not buy at least one polish *idiot*.

It's really runny, it produces bald spots when applying and it bubbles. Argh! I really don't like the colour either. Yes, I'm going to take it off ASAP.


Artificial light:

Oh, and I have an apology. Helena (XOXO Parisky) tagged me for the 7 random facts about me. I promised to write it yesterday, but I still haven't found the time to do some soul searching:) I publicly promise, I will write them tomorrow. I promise!


I totally hate the layout and general look of my blog. So please be patient for a day or two, I'm going to try and make it more likeable. Keep your fingers crossed :)

And of course, any ideas are more than welcome.

Vollare Butterfly Jungle - 248

Hi, I'm *Fleur* and I'm a nail polish addict.

I just realized that today (but I've been suspecting it for quite a while). I had a perfectly fine mani on my nails from yesterday, but I was so tired of it I just had to repaint my nails. I can't have the same colour on me for two days! Yes, I'm a step away from rehab :)

Anyway, I used Vollare's Butterfly Jungle polish in 248. There are two coats on the pics. I loved the application, it goes on easily and dries fairly quickly. It's a little more green in RL, but I don't have time to try and adjust the colours in some editing program. Again, no sunny pics.


Artificial light:

Later I just had to put on a matte top coat :) It's actually not completely matte, it's sort of satin. I used Jessica's No Shine Topcoat. It's great to use, it applies like a dream and dries in like a minute. I totally recommend it! Pics are under artificial light.

I definetly prefer the satin one. Which one do you like better?

Animal Konad

I had to do something to the boring colour of Essence - Spot on. I decided to add a different animal on every nail. I used Konad Black polish for stamping, and konad plate m30 for most except for the butterfly, which is from an Essence plate, and the squirrel and footprints that are from a Chez Delaney plate that doesn't have a number on it.

I also tried stamping with a plate from Chez Delaney I tried many times before, but had no success. Guess what? No better today. It's the plate numbered H34, it has Mickey and Mini mouse on it, a teddy bear and alike. And I definetly saw today that it's not etched deeply enough into the plate, because it doesn't work even with konad polish:( I'm mad/sad:(

I took pictures of each individual nail. Please keep in mind this is one of my first konad tries :)

Essence Spot on

Since I cut my nails short, I have a feeling flashy screaming polishes look weird on me. So today I went with a mauve colour - Essence Spot on from the Multi dimension line. I'm not a fan of the brush on this line, it's thin and too soft for my liking. But since some of the colours are great, I learned to live with it:)

It's two coats, super fast drying, and a somewhat dull colour. I'm thinking of adding some bling bling or konad. We'll see:)

Pic in artificial light:

Pic with flash:

It's been raining like hell today, so no sunshine pictures again. But I do have something to cheer you up: my favourite song from this year's American Idol :)Ok, maybe not THE favourite - I can't quite decide. Let's say top 5:)

Lee DeWyze - You're Still The One (originally sung by Shania Twain)

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