I decided to take a break from blogging. I know it's the lamest excuse ever, but I don't have time:(

Just a reminder too - remember my blog sale? Quite some polishes still remain:)



Blog sale

As you've probably noticed, I'm a bad bad blogger lately. I never have time to blog, I rarely even have time to do my nails. I went from doing them every day to doing them every three or four days. Because of my lack of time, I don't post anymore. As I work for free, I need money. And because I don't have time to do my nails, I don't need a gazillion polishes. Ergo, blog sale. To comemmorate my public recognition of the failure that seems to be my blog lately:)

Anyway... Here's the stuff that I'm parting with. Mostly the polishes are used, some aren't (if I got seconds of them in swaps or something similar). If you need more information, contact me at fleurs.nails (at) gmail (dot) com.

All Essence:
Thelma (1€)
Get the fever (0,7€)
Underwater (old) (0,7€)
So funky (0,5€)
Fruit punch (1€)

Claire's - Kelly Green (3€)
SOLD L.A. Girl - Overdose (2€)
Hema - 09 (1€)
Kiss Nail Art - Beach green (1€)
Rimmel - Green with envy (2€)

Miss Sporty - 355 (1€)
Etos - 10 (1€)
Konad Special - Black (2,5€)
SOLD Catherine Arley - 147 (2€)
Olivia - 11 (1€)

Manhattan - 109 (2€)
SOLD Milani - Totally Cool (3€)
Maybelline - I-Scream Lilac (2,5€)
SOLD Models Own - Purple Grey (3€)

Claw Polish - Toxic (2€)
Alessandro - 279 (2€)
Borghese - Carnevale Grape (2€)
Arissa - Toxic (2€)

Blackmail (2€)
Buffy the violet slayer (2€)
Sparkling diamonds (2€)

Aquatini (1,5€)
Grey (1€)
Coral (1€)

Constance Caroll / CCUK:
Magic Moment (1€)
Aqua sparkle (1€)
Sugared lilac (1€)
Pink ice (1€)

All Essence:
Princesses rule (0,7€)
Gold rush (1€)
Caribbean sea (1€)
Pointbreak (1€)
Check me out (0,7€)
Lilac forever (1€)

All Essence:
Welcome to wonderland (1€)
Ready to be bitten (1€)
Blue lagoon (1€)
Black out (1€)

133 (0,7€)
120 (0,7€)
286 (0,7€)
Single - 1 (0,5€)

Vollare Joy/Flash
97 (0,5€)
G114 (0,5€)
3 (0,5€)
101 (0,5€)
100 (0,5€)
F3 (0,5€)

Pure Ice:
SOLD Cheatin (1,5€)
Hot Tamale (1,5€)
SOLD Dreamy (1,5€)

Barry M:
Shocking Pink (3€)
Coral (3€)
Silver (3€)
Pink Iridescent (3€)

L.A. colors:
Perfect sunset (1€)
Brick (1€)

393 (1€)
399 (1€)
275 (1€)
375 (1€)
378 (1€)

233 (1€)
424 (1€)
303 (1€)
501 (1€)
426 (1€)
387 (1€)

Sally Hansen:
Sea and be seen (4€)
Marine scene (3€)
SOLD Hidden treasure (5€)

Pastel blue (1€)
Red blossom (1€)

BL deluxe:
5 (0,7€)
4 (0,7€)

Sinful Colors:
SOLD San Francisco (2€)
Mercury Rising (2€)

M122 (1,5€)
SOLD 099 (1,5€)

The prices are in brackets next to polishes. Paypal payments for foreign girls, bank transfers work as well for EU girls. I'll send the polishes out in good packaging to minimize possibilities of breakage. You pay postage, I pay packaging material.
Postage costs to countries outside Slovenia are:
up to 250 g = 2,82 €
250 g - 500 g = 4,95 €
500 g - 1000 g = 8,29 €
1000 g - 2000 g = 13,17 €

Please contact me on fleurs.nails (at) gmail (dot) com!

Essence - Sunshine 4ever

Since there are many many new Essence products coming, many have to go also. This is one of those that have to go. Since it was on sale I bought it, I figured I need a nice yellow in my stash anyway. In the store it looked really yellow, almost neon, but it actually isn't. It's a lovely yellow, slightly orange toned, and I actually like it. I applied two coats and it was perfect, no streaks or anything. I'm glad I bought it:)


L.A. Colors unknown

This is a polish I bought on a forum sale a while ago and I have no idea what it's called. I actually like it, even if it's pink. It's a hot magenta reddish colour with blue flashing glitter. It totally bothers me not knowing the name, so I need your help. I googled and googled and I can't decide which colour this could be. It's from the Color Craze Metallic nail polish range. Please help :)

Do any of you know which polish this could be? Pleeeeease! :)


Flormar - M112

Nice and imaginative name, huh? :) I expected a lot from this polish. It's matte, so it should be opaque and dry fast, right? WRONG! What you see on the pictures is 5 coats. Yes, 5 coats. And it's still not even and opaque... And it never dried, I waited for 2 hours. And it's not matte, even after 2 hours. Damn you flormar, I had high hopes. It was runny too, I had some major cleanup after application, because it totally bled my cuticles.

Other than that, it's a nice colour. I'm surprised by the pics, I actually like them. But come on, 5 coats? The only polish I'd be willing to stand 5 coats for is the new Lipmann Glitter in the air, which I have no possible way of getting but absolutely love. A flormar? No.


Nicole by OPI - Leaf me alone

I love duochromes, they're a great distraction from work when i need one:)

This is quite sheer, so i layered it over a coat of some brown polish, I can't remember which. Two layers ob LMA and look at the result! I actually got compliments on this one, and I don't usually get compliments..

Nice, right? What's your favourite duochrome? (yes, I need more:) )


H&M Aquatini

Guess what? There was actually some sun yesterday, so I have sort of sunny pics:)

This polish has been sitting in my stash for at least a year and I haven't worn it before. I have no idea why, just look at the lovely blue with shimmer! I did have a huge problem with chipping though - it chipped in a matter of hours, sort of like the Zoya mattes. It looks like it's only going to be ok for short work days unfortunately.

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