Barry M - Pure Torquise & Crackle

If anybody asks me what my favourite colour is, I say torquise. So this is the nailpolish that catches that colour in a bottle perfectly. Two coats, no TC.

I couldn't resist and put a coat of Barry M's Instant nail effects over it (aka cracle polish). It's soooo cool:) It dries matte, and if you put a thin layer on, the pieces of cracked polish are small, if you put a thicker coat on, the pieces are bigger. I'm going to wear this over everything now:)

Thanks Maja from for the torquise one ;)

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

I'm not going to waste time praising this, I guess you all know it's gorgeous.

I made a collage of pics under artificial light - it's for a competition. So you need to click this to make it big, it's the only way you'll see the gorgeousness:)

Claire's - Chunky Blue

I've obviously been on a lucky streak, I've been choosing only great polishes from my stash to wear:)

This is a perfect blue jelly with silver glitter and large hexagonal particles. Love it. Need the purple and green version too:)

Eyeko - Military Polish

I just had to show you this! I apologise, my camera still isn't repaired, so pics are extremely crappy, as I took them with my cell phone and under artificial light. But the colour of the polish is surprisingly accurate, so I decided to post them anyway. I'll make it up to you with a post about a great blue polish I wore a while ago with great pics:)

Anyway, I love Eyeko, especially their polishes. I bought this polish, and I got an Ambassador welcome pack with it, as I signed up for an Ambassador. It contained a lip gloss called London Lips, which I also adore and been wearing it a lot lately. I'll do a proper review when I get my camera (again with the camera... I didn't realize until now how lost I am without that thing!). I'm blabbering again, so back to the polish. It's unique in my stash, I have nothing alike. It applied very nicely - the first coat was streaky as usual, but the second coat really evened it out and made it opaque. I love twocoaters:) And the colour is exactly what I'd call camouflage brown/green. Another Eyeko win;)

EDIT: Just as I posted this, the sun came out, so I took two pics in the sun too. Again, crappy crappy, but quite colour accurate on the polish.


Milani - Molten Rock & Matte Magic

One of those polishes that look great in the bottle, but leave you speechless when you put them on. I wore this a couple of time in the last month, and that's saying a lot considering my stash :))

After a day of wearing it I decided to put Matte Magic on. I love this one even more.

Loooooooooooveeeeeeeee! :))

Which one do you prefer?

China Glaze - Wagon Trail

Loooooooove! Two coats, crappy pics. This is an old set of pics, taken at night under my desk lamp. I just had to post them anyway, I remembered how much I love this polish. It's a dark olive base with gold shimmer. Love, again. The tip wear is after a couple of days wear, so yay for that too. And konading is done with Essence Stampy polish in white.

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