Flood Rant

Warning: major rant ahead. If you wanted to see nails, sorry, no go. If you're not in the mood to read an angry woman's writings, please ski this post.

I live near a little creek that usually has a few litres of water in it. It used to be just that, a small creek. Now, everything in our area is changing - big appartment complexes, large parking lots, the highway... And waters from all of these surfaces run into that little creek. There's very little fields or other grassy areas left to soak in the water. Consequently, what used to be a creek turns into a goddamn river in the fall when it rains. And when we get rains like this weekend, we move everything from my apartment, which is on the ground level, into my parents part of the house on the first floor, and then spend our time watching the level of the "creek" and hoping it won't flood. Right now, my living room is completely stripped of everything but bare furniture, my bedroom is empty. Effin depressing. But still, better be safe than sorry. I lost almost everything in a flood three years ago. Everything I couldn't rescue in half an hour that is. And because there are only a couple of houses threatened by floods, nobody really cares. All we can do is hope for the rain to stop. And that's what I'm doing right now. I wanted to paint my nails to pass the time, but I packed up all my polishes in a giant box, which I can't find among all of my other crap and valuables upstairs. Today is sooo not my day.

Sorry for the rant people, but I just had to get it off my chest. Hope you're all safe!

Zoya - Harlow

Finally some nails!!! I got this in a mini swap, and it's my first Zoya! I'm really a collector of different brands, every time I get a polish of a brand I don't already own I'm happy as hell:))

This was two coats, and dried super fast. I really like the finish, but I should have used a ridge filler as a base, because it's very unforgiving of flaws in my nails.

People sayings

I've been totally swamped with my studies, so still no nails. Now I'm fed up and decided to share some pics/sayings from a website I found a while ago, Make My Mood - People Sayings. None of these is my making, all are from the above site. I only copied my favs here:)

Why no nails today

I have a very good reason:) Meet Galileo aka MirĨ (still picking out the name:) )

He's adjusted nicely. In a matter of hours he learnt where to use the toilet, where his food is, how to climb up to the couch, how to beg for food when I'm eating and how to be a little attention-whore. All the basics:)
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