Color Club - Ultra Violet

Well, I'm back. Seems like panic attacks and deserted islands don't mix....

On my nails today a summery colour, at least for me - Color Club's Ultra Violet. It took three coats, and it's a lovely pink, but has a blue shimmer that makes it sort of violet in all. I quite like it, surprisingly enough :)

In the sun:

In indirect sunlight:

And I see I have 100 followers. OMG, I'm totally in awe :) Looks like another giveaway is the thing to do :)


Just a quick note... I'm going away and will be away until the 24th of July. I'm being dragged off onto an island in the middle of nowhere, with about 200 inhabitants, so I'm guessing I won't be able to connect to the internet:) Have fun, polish your nails and stay well while I'm gone!

Love to you all!

Essence Return to Paradise & a Flormar

I got a great package today - from Parokeets! I won their Facebook giveaway and got three polishes from the Return To Paradise TE from Essence, and a bonus polish - Flormar 391. I'm really busy packing and getting things together, because I'm leaving on holiday tomorrow. But that didn't stop me from swatching the polishes :)

First up is My little orchid. A gorgeous violet with shimmer, but luckily not frosty, just shimmery. Two coats in the pic.

Fruit punch is a great summery colour - a rich orange with glassy sort of flecs that shimmer like hell when in the sun! Two coats.

Are you ready? Next up is Back to paradise. A gorgeous dark green jelly! You gotta love it. It took three coats though, and as you can see I was really sloppy with the third coat *blush*

And the bonus polish. My first Flormar, nr. 391. A gorgeous dark grey with silver shimmer or glassy flecks, I can't decide. I was so surprised - the first coat looked very runny and sheer, but the second coat took care of all that, so there are only two coats on the picture.

And as an experiment, I topped two nails with Jessica's No Shine TC. Here's the result:

I think both versions look spectacular:)

Thanks again to Parokeets, you girls rock!

Catrice - Red Blossom

For all of you who were worried about me, stop. I'm ok, I already took the pink polish off:)

Today I'm wearing one of my favourites from Catrice. It's called Red Blossom, and it's from the discontinued line of 60 seconds Nail Couture. I regret not buying more of these when I had the chance. I got some thanks to Mamy from Parokeets - she's awsome! Anyway, the polishes from this line have great brushes, great opacity, great consistency, great staying power.. They're great:)

Enough blaberring, here are the pics. Two coats, no top coat. Still some VNL, but I applied really thin layers cause I was in a hurry and wanted it to dry as quickly as possible.



On another topic: it's been really hot here. And they say that it's going to get even hotter. I'm not made for this heat, I'm melting. I just wish it was around 25 degrees celsius, not around 40. I wish for rain. I wish for fall, or spring, or even winter. Or for airconditioning :)

Rain would be best.

Edit: It started raining literally two minutes after I posted this. It feels great :)

Petites - Coral Pink

Something weird happened today. I was sitting behind my desk, writing my thesis, and suddenly though something in the lines of :"Hey, I should put a coral or a pink on my nails today." Yeah, I know, I must be ill. If I'm not fed up with the colour by tomorrow I promise I'll go see a doctor :)

Anyway, I chose the perfect mix of the two - Coral Pink from Petites. I got this a while ago in my first swap but hadn't tried it before. I had problems with application. Even thoug the brush was ok, the consistency was not. It was streaks and bald spots all over. You see three coats on the pics, the fourth one probably wouldn't hurt. But on the other hand, not one bubble in sight, even though I did hurry a little so there was major bubbling potential. Pictures are in the sun and in the shade, and both without top coat. The colour is a litle more neonish pink IRL, but I really don't have the patience to do editing right now, so you'll just have to imagine it :)

Catrice - Clay-ton, My Hero (&I cried a little)

First, why I cried... It seems most of the other nail bloggers manage to keep their nails at a certain lenght all the time. I don't have the discipline or whatever to file my nails overy day or so, so I usually just let them grow until they're too long and them file them down real short, then let them grow back long and so on. Besides, I'm clumsy. I'm sure to break a nail if I let them be too long. So, every three weks or so comes the dreaded day - the day I shorten my nails. Oh dear:( Today was that day again. I love having somewhat longer nails, but (being clumsy and all that) I really can't have them that way. Not now at least, when my days are comprised mostly of manual labour or typing on the computer - both of which I can't do with long nails. I know most of you have onger nails than I do when I consider them long, and I seriously admire you for that. How you do any work and not be bothered by nails or break them is beyond me (it's an art I have yet to master). So, today I shortened my nails. And cried just a little bit (on the inside of course). On the plus side, I tried filing them a little differently than usual, I'll see if I like it.

I wanted to polish them with a more calm polish, not an in your face sort of colour. I chose one of my untrieds, Catrice's Clay-ton, My Hero. It's a light brown with golden shimmer - pure beauty:) It took two coats and dried really quickly!

The pics:

See how it shimmers? I love that it's subtle and still special. A must have!
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