TBN - Raspberries & Cream

This is from a swap a while ago, but I never tried it until today.

I like the colour, it's a classic bright red with a hint of pastel. I don't like the brush though, but I have no idea why. It's wide and it should be great for me, but I couldn't get the hang of it, so quite some cleanup happened:)

Three coats. Sorry, but only pics under artificial light, since the weather is all crappy. Looks like winter is really on it's way.

Models Own - Purple Grey

See how I'm expanding my polish collection? This is from my first Models Own haul when the discount was on:)

I don't really care that it's supposed to be a Chanel dupe minus the shimmer. I really love the colour all by itself! A really great purple-brown-grey, I couldn't stop looking at it!

The formula was amazing too - two coats and just the right consistency - a little thick, but not too thick. Ah, love.

Essence - Underwater and SH layering

I was at the drugstore yesterday and this lovely polish caught me off guard, so I had to have it:) I also have the "old" version of Underwater - it's a frosty/shimmery blue. Tish one is a dusty dark blue with sparse blue glitter that doesn't really show on the nails. It does on my pics though, because I had to take them with flash as there is no natural light because of crappy weather. I like the "new" version better!

And I had to put something to satisfy my bling addiction over it - Sally Hansen In the Spotlight. Stringy holo glitter in a clear base. Haven't decided yet if I like it or not:)

Claire's Mood - calm/wild

This is, in my opinion, really gorgeous. And yes, I know it's pink, but it's great anyways!!

Two coats, no TC. A furry bonus in one pic is my Galileo :)

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