French mani aka Things we do for love

Now, I love colour. You'll rarely see my nails bare. But my boyfriend, he's something else. He sort of makes an ugly face every time he sees my nails in colour. He only supports bares, soft pinks and nudes. And the most sexy nail colour for him is a classic french. I often tell him that he can only thank god that he came about before my nail polish obsession started, cause he'd never make the cut these days with his uptight nail polish view :))

Anyway, he's finally coming home today (from the vacation my panic stopped me from going on), and I wanted to greet him with a mani. French, of course. And not even a funky french, I tried my best and did a regular french mani, white tips, sheer polish over it... I did use a flower sticker though. Had to have something colourful on my nails!

I used Essence's White Tip Painter and Wet'N'Wild Sparkling Diamonds, and the sticker is a random one, have no idea when or where I bought it.

I love the tip painter! Until today, I always used the guide stickers that come in french mani kits and it never really worked like I'd like it to. Always made a mess somehow. But with the tip painter I can do my tips freehand, it's easier and way faster. It only irritates me that I'm such a clutz with my left hand my right hand isn't the best case of a french :)

And the W'n'W I love too. I payed waaaaaay too much for it (about 4,5€ in a teeny tiny drugstore in my town), but I appreciate it today. It really sparkles. There are two coats on the pic.

So, I hope my BF likes it. Well, I hope he at least notices my efforts :)

Moda 25 and Sally Hansen Sea and be Seen

The Moda polishes were a discovery:) I haven't heard of them before, and I found them in a local shop, sitting desperately in a bag waiting to be bought. Not to worry, I rescued a few:) This is the one I tried first - 25. Three coats and dried quite fast. I love how it glows pink, I'd rather if it was blue, but I forgive it. Pics under artificial light, because I took them in the evening.

And because I can't look at my pink nails for long, I put Sally Hansen's Sea and be Seen over it. One or two coats, you'll see the difference.

Do you like it? I evened it out eventually by putting another coat on the ones I had previously put just one, so now I have light blue nails with flashing green and pink. Lovely!

Purple Skittles mani reveal

Wanna know which was which? :)

There you go. The right answers are:

1 CCUK Sugared Lilac
2 H&M Purple
3 Essence Bubble Bubble
4 Essence Purple Magic
5 Essence Meet Me At The Club
6 H&M Mad About You
7 Essence My Little Orchid
8 Joy 353
9 Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz
10 Essence Rock It, Baby!

I really admire all of you for trying! I probably never would have guessed any polishes if it were up to me:) So, who gets extra entries?

These are the participants and which polishes they guessed right. They get as many entries as the right guesses.

KarenD 6, 9
Shiny! 6, 10, 7
skaki 6, 9
nihrida 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10
Thifa 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10
Zara 9

I loved this, game, it was fun!

Purple Skittles mani and a giveaway game

I really didn't know which polish to wear. I couldn't even decide what colour. So I tweeted about it (yes, I tweet now - I'm getting the hang of it and sense a disturbing addiction coming...). And to the rescue came Shiny!, so the purple theme is her fault. I discovered I have many many purple polishes, and picked ten that are not cremes and don't have any red undertones (well, one actually is reddish, it flew under my radar).

And now, the interesting part:) I wanted to do something fun, since I'm writing my thesis and need something else to do to keep me from going crazy:) So, I made a skittles mani with some of my purple polishes. Each one of you gets one bonus entry for each polish she guesses right. And there's some help at the end of the post, otherwise it would be just crazy.

The pics I took are surprisingly colour accurate.

Right hand:

Left hand:

And some help - the bottles ;) These are in no particular order.

And to help some more, since some of these are pretty close in terms of colour, let me tell you this. There are 5 Essence polishes, 2 H&M, 1 Joy, 1 CCUK and 1 Sally Hansen.

The game goes on until tomorrow morning, 10 am CET. I will post when it's over, so keep guessing! One person can have multiple entries, but I won't comment on them, so you'll not know whether you're right or wrong until tomorrow. Comment with the number of my figer and the polish brand and name. You don't have to guess all fingers, you can do it one at a time or leave some of them out :)

Edit: This game is now closed!

Giveaway nr.2 swatches

A promise is a promise:)

Catrice - From Dusk To Dawn

Essence - Deep Blue Sea

Essence - Chocolate Shake

Essence - Adorable

S-he - 467

S-he - 427

S-he - 376

Joy - 326

Have you entered yet? :)


...a smaller one this time. It is vacation season after all, and those cool drinks on the beach don't pay for themselves:)

Here's the loot:

Essence - Deep Blue Sea (Show Your Feet)
Essence - Chocolate Shake (Creamylicious TE)
Essence - Adorable (Pure Beauty TE)
Joy - 326 (the bottle unfortunately isn't labeled, but I compared it to the one in my stash and it's the one!)
Catrice - From Dusk To Dawn
s-he - 467
s-he - 427
s-he - 376

Anyone from anywhere can enter. You have to be a public follower, doesn't matter if you're old or new. You just have to comment below to enter. Leave your email too so I can contact you if you win. I will choose the winner randomly.

Giveaway is opened for approximately one week, until the end of Sunday, 25th of July (CET time).

So, let the games begin :)

I don't have time for swatches today, but I promise to post swatches during the week. And some less crappy pics:)

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