Jordana - Rich Green

I'm feeling sort of worn out, so no meaningless talk today.

This polish is an unexpected jackpot. It applied really nicely, the colour is vibrant, and it took two coats to be opaque.

L.A. Girl Rock Star - Overdose

Before I start, I have to warn you. If you're against bling blingy nails or have some sort of sensitive eyes, skip this post:)

This is one of the polishes I got myself as a present for my degree. It's super blingy, and it's basically blue, pink and silver glitter in a clear base. Because of the clear base it took four coats to get somewhat good coverage. Next time I think I'll use a cream purple base underneath. But it's still great! It's blingy in a weird way - you can see all the different coloured glitters and still they come together into a sigle perfection glitter polish... Ah, the polish love:)

Anyway, pics:

And a blurred one, so you can see all the sparkling going on:

Then, I had to try it matte:) First I did a line over my nails with different matte top coats, but I seriusly can't remember which nail is which top coat. As you can see it doesn't matter anyway as the effect is the same with all three. I used Jessica - No shine finish, Essence - Matt top coat and China Glaze - Matte magic.

Don't like it? No worries, I didn't either. So I mattified whole nails. I have to say I like this version the most. No matte top coat can prevent this one from shining, but it does tone down the shine a bit, and sort of unifies the polish. It's not so much INYOURFACEBLING!! anymore, but still sparkly and great!

Which version do you like the best?

Nfu-Oh in ZaPikoNaI

First of all, I have to apologise to my lovely international readers. This post is in Slovenian only, because it's about a giveaway, sponsored by a Slovenian company, meant for Slovenian beauty bloggers only. Sorry:) But you can still take a look at all the great photos of flakie loove ;)

Torej, kot ste že prebrale zgoraj, imam za vse vas, slovenske bloggerke, odlično novico. Spletna trgovina Za piko na i sponzorira giveaway na mojem blogu - podarja vam tri prelepe in osupljive Nfu-Oh lakce. Po moje da o njih ni potrebno zgubljati besed. Gre za tri lepotce iz linije Opal, torej so nabiti z barvnimi krpicami (aka flakies) in se svetijo, in prelivajo, in so na splošno oh in ah.

Da ne bom dolgovezila: trije lakci, ki jih lahko dobite v tem giveawayu:

Nfu-Oh 46 - Fuksija podlaga z oranžnordečimi krpicami.

Nfu-Oh 56 - Gozdno zelena podlaga z zelenomodrimi krpicami.

Nfu-Oh 44 - Prosojna oranžna podlaga z oranžnozlatozelenkastimi krpicami.

Vsi trije lakci so popolnoma novi, jaz sem jih samo vzela iz kuverte in poslikala stekleničke.

In pa še obvezna dolgočasna pravila.
Ker je giveaway namenjen slovenskih bloggerkam, se morate uvrščati v to skupino deklet (ali moških? kdo ve). Za sodelovanje morate na svojem blogu objaviti vest o tem giveawayu, če želite, lahko uporabite tudi slike iz tega posta. Objava mora obvezno vsebovati tudi povezavo na spletno trgovino Za piko na i, ker so tako prijazni in podarjajo te lakce. Linke do svojih objav in sporočilo, da želite sodelovati v giveawayu, mi tokrat prosim posredujte na moj email naslov, fleurs pika nails afna gmail pika com. Da boste imele dovolj časa za prijavo, bo giveway odprt malo več kot en teden - do konca nedelje, 19.9.2010. V ponedeljek bom objavila zmagovalko, ki bo določena naključno, in ji poslala lakce!

A ste tudi ve tako navdušene kot jaz? Ker moja zbirka še ne premore nobenega Nfu-Ohjčka, se že od zjutraj, ko sem jih dobila, slinim nad njimi in jih občudujem. Obljubim, da jih bom takoj ko tole objavim, spakirala in skrila, tako da bodo res nedotaknjeni, ko pridejo do svoje ponosne nove lastnice:) Tako da res, prijavite se čim prej, splača se!! :)

Milani 3D - Hi-tech

Antoher big lemming. Man is this holo or what! It's so holo in fact that my camera only saw the holo part and completely ignored the green part, so sorry for that. IRL it's a light grassy green with holo. I seriously love it:) It did take three coats though, but dried really fast even though I didn't use the miraculous top coat:)

Confetti - My Favorite Martian & matte

This one was a huuuuge lemming of mine, so thanks Chris for including it in our swap *sends hugs*!

I love love love it! It takes three coats, and I had some trouble because the brush in my bottle is totally weird and wonky. I forgot to take photos of it though. But when it's on your nails, it's worth it! Just look at it! Green with glassy flecs that shine even yellow sometimes... It's to die for!

I was really happy with the colour. But it kept bugging me what it would look like if I put a matte TC over it. I resisted for a while, then tried on one nail. And WAWAWOOM! It looks amazing too, so I did all of my nails. I used China Glaze Matte Magic.

To sum it up - I really love this polish (in case you didn't figure that on your own;) ).

Hema - 10 with Sinful - Hottie

I wore this some time ago, but found the pics in my "waiting to be published" folder today and thought I'd show them to you.

First up is Hema nr.10. Seriously, is it that had to pick a name for a polish? Shimmering Blue or something like that would be fine with me, it's way better than numbers. Anyway, the polish. This took two coats. It's not a very original colour, I'm sure I have dupes in my collection.

Because I found it somewhat boring I layered Sinful Colors - Hottie over it. Now that's more like it:) Tha glittery love fest that is Hottie made my day:) I wore this for a few days without getting bored - can you imagine? The pics were taken on the third day, so a little tip wear is showing.

Essence - Lime Up!

It's a gloomy day today, so I decided for a screamingly bright mani:) I desperately wanted OPI's Shrek minis, but didn't want to spend the money, so I was exstatic when I saw this one from Essence. It's great! Two coats did the trick:)

Essence - Absolutely Stylish

Another great one from We Saw It First. Of course I had to have it, even though these will be in their core line in October.

This one is supposed to have green shimmers - according to the bottle cap. It sort of does, but the shimmery particles are somwhat weird - most of the time they look like they do in the pics. In the shade they're less apparent and more green, but sometimes I could see some pink too. Interesting polish:)

Essence - Gold Rush

I don't think I've ever written about my mom. She's really into nail polish too, but never admits it. She comes into my living room and takes a long time to pick a polish from my collection, and then acts like a little child when painting:) And usually she picks up polishes "for me" and then I store them in my collection and she uses them:) Because "she's not really that into polishing her nails".... :)

This is one of those polishes, of course. Three coats, a classic silvery gold colour.

Essence - What Do U Think?

Damn, this "project" of mine really isn't going anywhere:) I'm slow as hell:)

This one is from Essence's We Faw It First trend edition. It's named What Do U Think?, just like a polish from their core line. They're the same colour, but the "new" one has some sparse gold glitter in it. The glitter or shimmer doesn't show a lot on nails, but you can see it clearly in the bottle.

Two coats:)

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