L.A. Colors unknown

This is a polish I bought on a forum sale a while ago and I have no idea what it's called. I actually like it, even if it's pink. It's a hot magenta reddish colour with blue flashing glitter. It totally bothers me not knowing the name, so I need your help. I googled and googled and I can't decide which colour this could be. It's from the Color Craze Metallic nail polish range. Please help :)

Do any of you know which polish this could be? Pleeeeease! :)



  1. lep lakec:P Ima bolj moder shimmer a ne? al samo jaz tako na monitorju vidim?:)

  2. Ne, prav vidiš, moder shimmer je. Lep je res, samo ime mu manjka :)

  3. It's called "Power Outage". I have that colour! :) It was the last nail polish I bought but I haven't had a chance to swatch it yet because I decided I was in a blue mood on Saturday. It's much prettier than I thought it would be.

  4. Wow Joan, thank you sooooo much!


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