Bling bling wallet

Yes, I'm just going crazy with posts today:) I had a really hard exam today, and I decided to take the rest of the day off :) One of the things that caught my attention was my boring wallet. What to do with a wallet that is great, but really boring? Of course, apply glittery things. I used my glittery nail polishes, and even found one I forgot I bought in a Chinese shop once - the blue one.

I used:
Essence Nail art twins glitter toppers in Juliet, Clyde, Louise, Victory;
Essence Glisten Up!;
Two random polishes from a Chinese shop - the really heavy pink glitter one and the blue glitter one.

And tararara: I present to you my bling blingy wallet:

Do you like it? I'm not usually the tipe to love bling and glitter, but hey, a girl has to have something shiny in her purse, right? :)


  1. Hej čisto huda je! Sem mislila, da si jo kje kupila! :) Super DIY projekt :D

  2. Ej superca! :))
    Sploh nisem sla za tem, da sem videla ta post na tvojem blogu... sem morala kar dvakrat pogledati, joj! :)

    Dobro ti je ratalo!


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