Barry M - Shocking Pink

A couple of days ago, I got an opportunity to recieve a nail polish by Barry M to review. Well, what kind of polish lover would I be if I passed on that chance? :)The polish was sent to me by the lovely Maja from lič They're the Slovenian sellers of Barry M cosmetics.

Anyway... When I opened the package today, I was like: nooooo, a pink one... A Shocking Pink nonetheless. You know I'm really not a pinkish person when it comes to my nails :) But I guess we all know how this story ends... I ended up loving it:)

Here's the bottle:

And opened bottle with the brush:

I applied it over my regular base coat. Just about then the magic happened - I realised it's really not such a terrible colour:) The application was great - no streaks, no bald spots. The brush is teeny bit flattened and more on the hard side, which I love. I was able to be so precise I had absolutely no cleanup - all the pics you see are tottaly as it was right after polishing.

Believe it or not, this is a one-coater. Here's what it looks under artificial light after just one coat:

I added another coat to see if it did anything to the colour. Well, sort of.. But I would say you can definetly get away with just one coat if you're careful and the layer is more on the thick side.

All of the pics below are two layers, without top coat. Sorry, since it's sort of late here in Slovenia, there's no sunny photos.

Under artificial light:

With flash:

And drying... It took it's time - I'd say drying time is average. Unfortunately I still don't have a quick drying top coat to test it with that.

I figured, since it's a one-coater, it should work with konad. And again, yes, it does. I stamped a few patterns from Konad m61 onto plain white paper.

Even though I did get this polish for free to review, it absolutely didn't affect my opinion. I really do love it! At lič you can get it for 4,45€. It's not the cheapest one, but even I, the cheap-o of all cheap-os, will definetly consider buying some more of them. Ah, this is a painful hobby for my wallet :)


  1. Ooo tale je super! Preseneča me, da je polnoprekriven v le enem nanosu - taki laki so zame redki :) Pa super sodeluje s konadom. Tega si moram nabavit :D Pa zelo lepo se poda tvojim nohtom! <3

  2. I am really digging this color, SO FAB!

  3. This is definitely color I'd wear :)

  4. Looks like I'm the only one with a pink phobia:)

  5. Čudovito ti pristoji! <3 Tudi meni je všeč pink barva. Pravzaprav so mi tako všeč vse barve. :D

  6. I understand your pink phobia. I think as someone who really enjoys different nail polish you will tend to be attracted to unusual colors. Reds, nudes, and pinks are more common and not as exciting. I'm starting to go in the opposite direction and find some reds, nudes, and pinks (slightly) exciting because I had previously banished them from my regular manicures... lol
    This is a nice pink and I'm amazed at how great it looks with just one coat!


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