Hidden Treasure over greens

If you're fed up with pics of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, please feel free to skip this post :)

A few of you, my super lovely followers, asked for some pics of HT over different polishes. Today I have a "stay-at-home-and-work-like-an-idiot-in-front-of-the-computer" day, so I decided to take regular breaks and do swatches in between work:)

First, I picked up some green from my collection. The polishes alone:

From left to right:
Essence - All access
Essence - Crazy me (Crazy about colour LE)
H&M - Green (from the mini 4-pack)
Catrice - Sold out forever

And then I layered one coat of HT over them. I was surprised at how I didn't like the effect that much - I was sure I'd love it. The only combo I'd consider wearing is the one with All access.

Sun pic:

Shade pic:


  1. čudovito!komaj čakam, da ga dobim:)

  2. My favorite combination is the flakes over the mint green (Catrice)! So pretty!

  3. i think it is funny, i also was surprised when i did HT over teals... i hated it!


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