Milani 3D - HD

Yesterday I wore Milani's HD from the 3D holographic line. I really like it:) It took four coats though, so the next time I wear it I'll put it over a grey or silver base. It dried ok, but the wear was not great... The pics were taken after about 12 hours of wear, and you can see the tips are worn. But I confess, I skipped the top coat because of the konad. I did the bow using konad black polish and I didn't want to ruin it with a top coat:)

And the pics:


  1. Tale Milani mi je pa res všeč ;) Pa mašnice so tako srčkane! :D

  2. Super lakec! =)
    Komaj čakam, da tudi jaz dobim svoja dva! Zaradi tvojih fotk sem samo še bolj nestrpna! :D


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