s-he 469

I really have no idea why I bought this one:) It's probably because I can't go into a drugstore and not buy at least one polish *idiot*.

It's really runny, it produces bald spots when applying and it bubbles. Argh! I really don't like the colour either. Yes, I'm going to take it off ASAP.


Artificial light:

Oh, and I have an apology. Helena (XOXO Parisky) tagged me for the 7 random facts about me. I promised to write it yesterday, but I still haven't found the time to do some soul searching:) I publicly promise, I will write them tomorrow. I promise!


  1. I like it :) I'm a sucker for green nail polishes.I think it look really cool on your nails!

  2. Hej meni pa je še kar všeč, ker me spominja na mojo predzadnjo manikuro (Rimmel camouflage). Bi ga tekla takoj kupit, če ne bi napisala, da se mehurčka :/ Škoda. Za tag pa se nikamor ne mudi ;)

  3. Helena, po moje najbolje da si ga greš kupit. Itak je smešno poceni, mogoče boš imela pa s tvojim podlakom kej več uspeha.


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