Sally Hansen Wet Cement

Another polish I got in a swap :) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 37 - Wet Cement.

It's a perfect grey, in any lighting, it doesn't show any undertones of other colours. The brush is flattened, long and soft, application is surprisingly easy. It took two coats and dried fast enough. The only complaint I have is the smell... Ugh:( Do all of these smell as bad as mine? Sort of like wet cement really:) I wore it for roughly three days, and was surprised. I usually get chips by the second day, no matter what the polish, but this one was perfect when I removed it, so kudos for that.

In the sun:

With flash:


  1. Lep! Me malo spominja na ChG Recycle. Lepe nohtke imaš! <3

  2. I forgot to stick a note on it! Would have said: looks divine, smells horrid! haha


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