Purple Skittles mani and a giveaway game

I really didn't know which polish to wear. I couldn't even decide what colour. So I tweeted about it (yes, I tweet now - I'm getting the hang of it and sense a disturbing addiction coming...). And to the rescue came Shiny!, so the purple theme is her fault. I discovered I have many many purple polishes, and picked ten that are not cremes and don't have any red undertones (well, one actually is reddish, it flew under my radar).

And now, the interesting part:) I wanted to do something fun, since I'm writing my thesis and need something else to do to keep me from going crazy:) So, I made a skittles mani with some of my purple polishes. Each one of you gets one bonus entry for each polish she guesses right. And there's some help at the end of the post, otherwise it would be just crazy.

The pics I took are surprisingly colour accurate.

Right hand:

Left hand:

And some help - the bottles ;) These are in no particular order.

And to help some more, since some of these are pretty close in terms of colour, let me tell you this. There are 5 Essence polishes, 2 H&M, 1 Joy, 1 CCUK and 1 Sally Hansen.

The game goes on until tomorrow morning, 10 am CET. I will post when it's over, so keep guessing! One person can have multiple entries, but I won't comment on them, so you'll not know whether you're right or wrong until tomorrow. Comment with the number of my figer and the polish brand and name. You don't have to guess all fingers, you can do it one at a time or leave some of them out :)

Edit: This game is now closed!


  1. This is very hard. :) I'm fairly confident that #6 is H&M Mad About You and think #9 might be Sally Hansen Purple Pizzaz, but I've never seen any Joy or CCUK in real life and Essence has so many lines we don't see over here that I've got no clue on those.

  2. Haha nice one :)

    This is hard indeed!
    I only have Essence and H&M here, and I agree that 6 would be H&M Mad About You.
    I'd say 10 is Essence Rockt It, Baby!
    Then some wild guesses,
    3 Essence Purple Diamond
    7 Essence My Little Orchid

  3. my guesses maybe all are wrong i dont know.
    1- essence no more drama
    2-essence go wild.
    7-essence breakthrough
    10-essence rock rebel
    4- essence

    6- H&M mad about you
    5- H&M fashionista

    8- CCUK

    3- joy

    9-sally hansen

    username- ks sn
    email- kssn31@gmail.com

  4. My guesses:
    1 - CCUK Sugared Lilac
    2 - Essence Purple Magic
    3 - Essence Bubble Bubble
    4 - Essence My Little Orchid
    5 - H&M Purple
    6 - H&M Mad About You
    7 - have no idea =D
    8 - Joy 353
    9 - Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz
    10 - Essence Rock It Baby

  5. 1 - CCUK Sugared Lilac
    2 - H&M Purple
    3 - Essence Bubble Bubble
    4 - essence My Little Orchid
    5 - Essence Purple Magic
    6 - H&M, Mad About You
    7 - Essence meet me at the club
    8 - Vollare Joy 353
    9 - Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz
    10 - Essence rock it baby

  6. This is hard! I don't have any polishes from these brands other than Sally Hansen, and I'm pretty sure #9 is SH Purple Pizzazz. Otherwise, I have no idea.


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