Swap package arrived today!

I was having a really crappy day up to now. But I got home and a lovely package was sitting in front of my door and calling me:) It was my swap package from the super lovely 'chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake! Aussie polishes!

Here's my loot:

Love the candy:)

I got two fauxnad plates! And an ointment that you can put on anything apparently. I tried it on my lips as they were chapped and it feels very nice, so I'll definetly try it on other parts of my super dry skin too.

I got a bunch of Ulta3 polishes! These are, from left to right:
Watermelon, Passion Purple, Hollywood, Spring Fling, Waterlily and English Rose (like you couldn't read that yourself.. :) )

BYS! Left to right:
Silver Moon, Plum Delight, Mauve-it On Up, Silver Black and yes, you see right, a CRACKED in Black!

And last, but not least - TBN and Mode. Left to right:
Raspberries&Cream, Gilt and Party Girl!

Now i'm happy:)


  1. Awesome swap and very beautiful colors. Can't wait to see swatches. <3

  2. Ooo, super swap! Najbolj me zanima tisti Crack lakec! <3<3<3

  3. Lovely swap! All the colours are so pretty!

  4. Uau, super stvari si dobila (samo sem videla, da si ji ti tud krasne stvari poslala). :)

  5. So much polish...and so much candy! What a winning combination! :)

  6. Wow, your camera makes Hollywood look really intense and pretty! Slightly prettier than it is on the nail (even though it's pretty stunning on the nail too). I'm currently wearing Waterlily, your camera ruins that bottle colour, but it's ok, because it's so pretty on the nail!

    I saw heaps of Waterlily bottles everywhere and avoided them all before finally buying it. Definitely don't regret it and you won't either! It's also getting a lot of love from Aussie voguettes right now too. :)

  7. I'm so so glad it reached you safely and that you like the colours! I'm happy it cheered you up =)

    It was a fantastic experience doing this swap, I hope we can swap again in the future!


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