Just a quick note to let you know I survived my "vacation". I deliberately left all my nail polishes at home, so no pics of my nails with an ocean view background for you:)

I do have a special treat for all you ladies that are not exclusively obsessed with nail polish, but have a general MU obsession:) I got all of Barry M's Dazzle Dusts and Fine Glitter Dusts that you can buy in Slovenia (from )! Yes, ALL of them! And all I had to do was swatch them. Oh poor me, I had to play with make up:)) So I'll be showing you some of my favourite colours in the coming days, and my pics will also be on their website. Yay, I'm an eye model now :)

Anyway, back to work for me. Have fun:)

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  1. Fino, da si nazaj :)

    Tole z Dazzle Dusti pa se super sliši, komaj čakam!


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