Eyeko - Indigo Polish

... for sultry nails.

This one was sort of a dissapointment for me. OK, it's gorgeous, but it's nothing special. I think I have at least two or three polishes just like it in my stash, and my stash isn't quite as big as you'd think. The only thing that sets it apart from others like it is the random purple glitter here and there, but it's not really apparent. You have to look real close to find them. Three coats.

And BTW, do any of you know why Eyeko polishes have an expiry date of only 6 months after opening?


  1. I like it :)

    polishes don't have an expiration date- there are ladies out there who have some form the 1980ies and are still using it (with thinner of course)

  2. About the expiration date - I know lacquers last forever:) But there's always an expiration period written on the polish bottles, usually 36 months. And eyekos are 6 months, and I was curious as to why that is.


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