Franken Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you a franken I made. I also mentioned I mixed in some eyeshadow and was not pleased. Today, I decided to salvage the whole thing. I added some dark green jelly polish and a major discovery - some Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts. The FGDs are mini glittery particles - I added some silver and some light blue. I'm very very happy with the result! Only now I'm annoyed with the large glitters that were the point of yesterday's franken, but seem obsolete in today's version. Oh well...
I'm not easy to please:)


A lot of you loved the yesterday version. what do you think of today's? :)


  1. this is still pretty but I do wish that the big glitter was more apparent. =/

  2. Im not a big chunky glitter gal. I love the franken you've turned it into, however I would leave out the big glitter as it doesn't show through very well. Thats just me tho. The franken itself is an AWESOME color. I do a similar thing where I will tweak a franken so I'm not always sure what I put in it or how much? That's part of the fun for me.

  3. u pravu si bilo bi bolje da sad nema tog velikog glittera, inace mi se ostatk kombinacije svidja

  4. My only problem now is that I can't really take the big glitter out :))

    I love it anyway. The removal was not fun though:(

  5. I really love this metallic/shimmery colour! :)


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