Sally Hansen HD - Spectrum

I know, I know.. I start this big project and then I go MIA for two days at the very beginning. I have a good excuse though - I finally got my thesis together and I'm preparing for my defense, which is on monday. It was about time too :))

On Sunday I wore this beauty: Spectrum. I saw o other blogs it has some opacity issues, so I put it over one layer of a neutral blue polish. Then I put two layers of Spectrum, and voila! A beauty. I put a coat of SV over it. I was kinda dissapointed, as this was the first polish I experienced shrinking with when compined with SV. But I wore it anyway, it would be a sin to remove it immediately after swatching:)Oh, there was another thing. I was sort of frustrated because I couldn't see the glimpse of purple duochrome that you can see in the bottle when it was on my nails. Damn.

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