CCUK - Apricot Sun

Huh, I'm finally back. I had a crazy couple of days... During the weekend I was in Bohinj (really a must if you're ever in Slovenia!), because a couple of my friends attended a triathlon and a bunch of us went with them for support. Then on Moday I had my diploma thesis defence, and I passed with flying colours! Yay for me:)

Then, when I was relaxing, my parents came to tell me my darling three legged cat passed away, so the day ended in tears:( I take comfort in knowing he passed away from a stroke, quickly and peacefuly. I'm already planning on becoming a temporary custodian for cats from a local animal shelter, housing them until they find a new owner. I figured I love animals, that's the best way to help lots of them.

Anyway, enough about my life, let's get back to nails:) I have a bunch of swatches to show you. First up is CCUK - Apricot Sun. This is three coats, and a really stunning colour. An orange base with gold shimmer that makes the colour really pop! Love it!


  1. What a cute color! And so sorry about your cat <3

  2. čestite za diplomo, sožalje za mačko :( ampak je zelo lepo, da boš skrbela za druge mačke dokler ne dobijo doma <3.
    In tale oranžko je čudivit.

  3. congrats on your defense! so sorry about your kitty. awesome color, the best kind of orange is glowy!

  4. Ojej, žal mi je za tvojega mucka :(

    Čestitam pa za diplomo!


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