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Before I start, I have to warn you. If you're against bling blingy nails or have some sort of sensitive eyes, skip this post:)

This is one of the polishes I got myself as a present for my degree. It's super blingy, and it's basically blue, pink and silver glitter in a clear base. Because of the clear base it took four coats to get somewhat good coverage. Next time I think I'll use a cream purple base underneath. But it's still great! It's blingy in a weird way - you can see all the different coloured glitters and still they come together into a sigle perfection glitter polish... Ah, the polish love:)

Anyway, pics:

And a blurred one, so you can see all the sparkling going on:

Then, I had to try it matte:) First I did a line over my nails with different matte top coats, but I seriusly can't remember which nail is which top coat. As you can see it doesn't matter anyway as the effect is the same with all three. I used Jessica - No shine finish, Essence - Matt top coat and China Glaze - Matte magic.

Don't like it? No worries, I didn't either. So I mattified whole nails. I have to say I like this version the most. No matte top coat can prevent this one from shining, but it does tone down the shine a bit, and sort of unifies the polish. It's not so much INYOURFACEBLING!! anymore, but still sparkly and great!

Which version do you like the best?


  1. I like it matte--gives it a bit of a different look.

  2. Ow thats a difficult one...I like the matte as well :S hmm...yes I`d pick matte

  3. Excellent. And coming from finishing my graduate degree a year ago....we need lovely gifts to ourselves for all the HARD WORK we put into our education. Excellent choice. :)

  4. I'm actually surprised that most of you chose matte:) And sorry for the black stuff on my thumb, I just saw that:S It's some ink I got on me when my pen broke and I can't get it off....

    Chris, congrats to you too. And yes, in the last couple of days, when writing my second thesis, gifts are pretty much the only thing keeping me going. I fool myself into writing with promises like: Tina, if you finish this chapter, you can go paint your nails. Tina, if you research this, you can go buy yourself that nail polish you've been looking at tomorrow. and yeah, it works:)

  5. Prekrasno!!! Stvarno divan lak. Meni se više sviđa u ne matt verziji.

  6. Oh, wow this is so pretty! I really have to go hunting for this colour at the markets sometime soon! It's like a crazier purple and bluer version of Mad as a Hatter. LOVE!

  7. i like the matte, but i also kinda like the stripe...

  8. Krasen je!!! <3 V sparkle verziji mi je res wau, v mat pa malo manj, ampak še vseeno krasen. <3


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