Catrice - Be My Millionaire and Maybelline - Shooting stars

I bought Catrice for a swap and later decided I won't send it, so it stayed with me. And yesterday when deciding which polish to wear I played a game - I randomly choose a polish to wear with my eyes closed. Yes, I do that a lot... So the Catrice was chosen, and I put it on. It's so boring and frosty that I didn't even take pics of it. After like half an hour I had to put something on, and I remembered Karen sent me some great layering polishes. Finally I decided on Maybelline's Shooting Stars. It's holo glitter and blue tiny stringy glitter in a clear base. I love it! It really made my mani interesting, and I couldn't stop looking at it. The pics are a little bland though, because I took them under artificial light. But you can still see all the great stuff going on on my nails:)


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