Models Own - Purple Grey

See how I'm expanding my polish collection? This is from my first Models Own haul when the discount was on:)

I don't really care that it's supposed to be a Chanel dupe minus the shimmer. I really love the colour all by itself! A really great purple-brown-grey, I couldn't stop looking at it!

The formula was amazing too - two coats and just the right consistency - a little thick, but not too thick. Ah, love.


  1. What a rich looking purple. Wish Models Own was available here in the US... :(

  2. I think you can order it online from their website :)

  3. Lep! Me spominja na Chanel Paradoxal (samo da nima šimra) ;)

  4. I'm with you - I love Purple Grey because I love the color, not because it's a Paradoxal dupe (minus shimmer). It looks very nice on you!


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