Hey all of you lovely readers:) It's turning out to be a great day here, there's actually some sunshine and it's supposed to be quite warm during the day, so yay! I just wish I had chestnuts to roast...

Anyway, I have a wish/request/proposal/idea/whatever. I've been seeing lots and lots of magnificent Halloween themed polishes from the USA on blogs lately, and I have huge lemmings now! So I'm wondering - would any of you super pretty and lovely ladies from the USA be interested in a swap? I think I *need* some coffin shaped polishes and some pumpkins, or I'll just die :))

Please email me or leave a comment if you're up for it!


  1. Heya lovely lady....you know we seem to be in perpetual swap and I do have some halloween stuff put back for you...if you don't find another to swap with, email me and let me know what exactly you are looking for. ;)

  2. Chris, thanks! I didn't want to bother youwith every single idea I get in my head:) I will let you know though if I don't find a new swap buddy ;)


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