Claire's Mood - happy/earthy

I really love the idea of Mood polishes, but they just don't seem to love me back. I almost begged this one to treat me nice, but it didn't. Darn.

I think this is five or six coats, I have no idea what happened. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to even out. And then I tried thinning it, and I thinned it too much, and it became runny, and now it was blah. I've unthinned it sice, by opening the bottle for about half an hour and mixing it a lot. Now the formula is sort of ok.

Anyway, a pic in the sun and two pics with flash. Yes, it's that neon:)


  1. Green is my favorite from this collection :) beautiful on you ^^

  2. This polish is a beauty! Bright and happy :) Love it with your skin!

  3. Božanski je, tole je pa blo vredno toliko plasti :) pa super barvna kombinacija je

  4. oooo, kak je leeeeep=). Upam da kdaj kakšnega dobim v roke=)

    Na moje blogu te čaka nekaj nagrad=)


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