Magic Peeling

I usually don't do reviews of products other than MU and polishes, but I'll try to describe my experience with this product as good as I can. First, I have to say this product was sent to me for review for free, but that did not in any was infuence my opinion - it is written honestly and according to my experience.

When the company's representative contacted me if I would like to try this product, I thought yeah, just another peeling glove. Been there, done that. I googled around and saw some nice opinions, so I agreed to test it. I got it in the mail a couple of days ago, and was really surprised by it. The texture of the glove is sort of silky, but changes to rough silky if you run your fingers over it up and down - which is the direction it's supposed to be used when peeling.

It's supposed to have all sorts of beneficial effects, you can read all about them here. I was mostly interested in the claim that it makes your skin smooth and radiant (like any peeling should, but rarely does).

I focused my first use on my face. I carefully read the instructions included (use on warm, soaked skin, wet glove, not under water etc etc) and began my treatment. The feeling is sort of like rubbing with a towel, nothing painful or uncomfortable. But I was a little uncomfortable when I saw how much dead skin I managed to scrub off - gross, let me tell you. You're lucky my camera died and I can't show you pics:)And this is on my face, where I regularly use a gel peeling. After the treatment my skin felt smooth, but sort of tight. Then I applied my regular moisturiser and went to bed. Now, this will sound lame and silly, but I actually felt like my skin looked better in the morning than it did the morning before. And it was way smoother to the touch, so YAY Magic Peeling!:)

The other test I want to do is on my legs. I love waxing them (well, I love the effect waxing has on my hair), but I've been having problems with ingrown hair ever since I started waxing. One of the things Magic Peeling is supposed to help with is reducing ingrown hair, so I'll give that a try. I'll use my regular gel peeling on one leg (it's from Alverde if you were wondering) and the Magic Peeling glove on the other and see if there's any difference. After the first try on my legs I can say that there's a difference, much more icky yuckie dead skin went off with Magic Peeling. I hope to have some pics when I update, I have to get my camera fixed.

So, congratulations if you managed to read this far:) If I sum up I can say that this glove really surprised me, positively. I couldn't believe how much dead skin this glove removes, and my skin looks better even now, after one use. I definetly recommend it, I will keep using it and stop buying gel peelings:) You can find out more about the product on their website here.

Have you tried this product before? What is your experience?


  1. You got me with the difference with ingrown hair. I'm searching for something to fix that (I have enormous trouble with it), so I just might give it a go. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tole bi tudi meni prav prišlo. Sicer uporabljam epilator, a se mi prav tako vraščajo dlake, grrr...


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