China Glaze - Entourage and Barry M - Instant Nail Effect

Yes! I'm finally back to blogging! I found a lamp in my living room that I can take almost decent pictures with, so better than nothing.

Here's a mani I was sporting at the beginning of this week. China Glaze - Entourage, topped with Barry M crackle polish. ChG would take at least three polishes to look ok enough to wear alone, but I got away with two because I put the crackle polish over it. I didn't put any top coat on, because I wanted the crackle polish to stay matte. Consequently, the black started falling off in pieces in matter of hours. Damn was I angry :S



  1. I like that combination! I don't know what it is about crackle polish that makes it fall off without a top coat, but I think it happens with every kind. I have a couple of the Born Pretty ones, which don't even crack in the same way or dry matte, and they fall off without a top coat too.

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  3. Those go really nice together! I've actually used Nails effect on China Glaze Monte Carlo and it looked really nice! I've actually blog about it too, here's the link. - Feel free to have a look!
    Thanks for a great blog post!
    From a new follower,
    Bex XxX


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