Essence Bonnie

I wanted a screaming colour today. I chose Essence's Bonnie from Nail Art Twins. You probably already read the preise on other blogs, but I have to add a little something of my own. It's a little goopy, but the application is effortless nevertheless. It took two coats to be perfect. And as for the colour - you decide for yourself. I looove it :))

Picture in the... wait for it.... yes, in the SUN! Finally sunshine!!

Picture in the shade:

Picture with flash:

And some bonus pics, cause I played with my camera a little today:


  1. waaa, ta je res super lep :) js si bom dala pa Joe-a :P

  2. i ja sam ga danas stavila na blog :D
    super je boja stvarno, ali kad skidas katastrofa :)

  3. Katastrofa? A to pomeni da moram it po nove litre acetona? :))

  4. ma ostane sve plavkasto oko noktiju, moras bas dobro istrljati da se skine, ili stavljati base coat svaki put sta se meni ne da :D

  5. :)

    Base coat nanesem vsakič, zaradi lomljivih nohtov. Sporočim jutri, kako dolgo sem drgnila da nisem bila več plava:)

  6. Uuuu, prečudovit je! <3 Komaj čakam, da pride še moj na vrsto. Mislim, da bo kar kmalu...

  7. I agree about the colour. But unfortunately, as Blanka said before, it's a real b***h to remove. I applied two coats of base and I still have a little greenish nails :S


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