Essence Spot on

Since I cut my nails short, I have a feeling flashy screaming polishes look weird on me. So today I went with a mauve colour - Essence Spot on from the Multi dimension line. I'm not a fan of the brush on this line, it's thin and too soft for my liking. But since some of the colours are great, I learned to live with it:)

It's two coats, super fast drying, and a somewhat dull colour. I'm thinking of adding some bling bling or konad. We'll see:)

Pic in artificial light:

Pic with flash:

It's been raining like hell today, so no sunshine pictures again. But I do have something to cheer you up: my favourite song from this year's American Idol :)Ok, maybe not THE favourite - I can't quite decide. Let's say top 5:)

Lee DeWyze - You're Still The One (originally sung by Shania Twain)

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