Animal Konad

I had to do something to the boring colour of Essence - Spot on. I decided to add a different animal on every nail. I used Konad Black polish for stamping, and konad plate m30 for most except for the butterfly, which is from an Essence plate, and the squirrel and footprints that are from a Chez Delaney plate that doesn't have a number on it.

I also tried stamping with a plate from Chez Delaney I tried many times before, but had no success. Guess what? No better today. It's the plate numbered H34, it has Mickey and Mini mouse on it, a teddy bear and alike. And I definetly saw today that it's not etched deeply enough into the plate, because it doesn't work even with konad polish:( I'm mad/sad:(

I took pictures of each individual nail. Please keep in mind this is one of my first konad tries :)


  1. Love this stamping, the animals are so cute :)


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