French manicure fail :(

I wasn't going to publish this photo, but hey, what the hell. Maybe someone will learn a lesson :)

I used Essence's Princesses Rule as a base and stamped the tips using H&M Pure White (which is great for konad btw). I thought it would be a nice classic mani with a spin, but no - it's just weird. Lesson to be learned - if you're going to use something you can see through on your tips, use an opaque polish as a base.

I'm still deciding whether to paint my nails today or not - I shortened them down extremely, because I'm back to writing my thesis paper and I can't really type with long nails. I wonder how all of you guys do it? Any tips?

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  1. Meni pa je kar luštna manikura :) na tipkanje z dolgimi nohti se pa kar navadiš. Tu pa tam se kakšen zatakne v tipkovnico ampak ni panike :D


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