Vollare Joy 353

These Vollare polishes are like a lottery - they are sold from a big basket, which you have to go through to find colours you like. And even then you can't really be sure if the polish is ok. Sometimes they're runny, sometimes thick as gum, and sometimes they're just perfect. Same goes for colour - sometimes they only take one layer to be prefect, sometimes you need 5. I think the mystery is half the fun with these:)

Today I have one of the great ones. 353 is a deep violet colour with big shimmer in blue, silver and red, and I can't quite decide, but maybe there are some flakies or irregular shimmer. In any case, the colour is stunning. It took two coats, application was easy. One of the winner ones :)

Oh and BTW.. I have no idea what's going on with my cuticles... They're dry as pepper, and nothing seems to get them moisturized. Really, I think I'll just drowse my hands in oil and hope it helps:)

Pic in the sun:

Macro pic:

Blurred, to show of the colours:

Macro under artificial light:


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