H&M Cha Cha

Yay, we have sunshine!!! I was outdoors the whole day yesterday, and it felt gooood. I really refilled my batteries, so today I'm all work and no play:)

I wore H&M's Cha Cha yesterday. This is another one of those polishes I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it in the sun and hate it in the shadow. Weird huh?

Unfortunately I don't have any pics in the shadow. I can just say it's sort of a boring looking colourless shimmery polish in the shadow. Sort of nude-beige shimmer. Bleh. But when it comes in contact with sunlight, it blings! It's a lovely holo polish, and the before nudy shimmer becomes a great base for the holo effect.

I guess I'm only going to wear this one on sunny days :)

It took two coats, it dries relatively quickly. Nevertheless I think I'll start saving up for a quality fast-drying coat. I've been saying that for about two months:))

And, tararara: the pics:)Not the best quality, and not all the holo that you see in RL. Can't wait to get my camera back, my compact one is a piece of s***.

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