H&M mini polish pack

Yay, H&M finally started selling their polishes in Slovenia :) For now, they only sell a small portion of what is available abroad, but hey, even a little is beter than nothing, right? :)

In our local H&M they only sell two different pack of minis. I had to try one out, of course:) The price is 2,95€, pretty cheap:)

There are four colours in a pack - I chose the less neon one. It contains polishes, named: Green, Purple, Blue and Pure White. Can you guess what colours they are?:)

So, the bottle pics:




Pure White:

Notice the little shimmer in Purple and Green? On the other hand, Pure White and Blue are cremes.

I had no trouble with application of any of them, all require two coats. Even the white one was easy to apply, no streak or anything. I can't really say anything about drying time and durability, because I had them on for about five minutes :)

And pics on fingers:

In the sun:

In the shade:

With flash:

Blue in the sun:

Green in the sun:

Purple in the sun:

Pure White in the sun:

I totally recommend these polishes!


  1. yay- I'm happy for you :)

    the purple one looks like fashionista...

  2. I never expect like that good color from hm.. I will get them very soon.


  3. Počakaj počakaj ... KAJ? H&M je pri nas začel prodajat lakce???? Wooow! Ju3 grem pogledat še na čopovo :)

  4. @amusedpolish - I think this one is a little darker, at least according to swatches on the internet. I don't have fashionista so I can't compare them:(

    @zuzu - go ahead, it's definately worth the price!

    @ Helena - jaaa, hitro po njih :) Kolikor vem, imajo v Lj celo nekaj posameznih lakcev, ne samo kompletke, tako da se splača preverit;)

  5. plavi je divan, steta kaj ovdje nema H&M-a :/
    a i ta cijena je stvarno jeftina za 4 laka :o


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